restricted access   Volume 23, Number 2, Fall 2007

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From: Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion

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Editors' Introduction

pp. 1-5


Archaeologists and Goddess Feminists at Çatalhöyük: An Experiment in Multivocality

pp. 7-26

Christian Origins, Egalitarianism, and Utopia

pp. 27-49

A Communion of Little Saints: Nineteenth-Century American Child Hagiographies

pp. 51-67

Women in the Menstruation Huts: Variations in Preserving Purification Customs among Ethiopian Immigrants

pp. 69-84

In a Different Voice


pp. 85-86

Hail Mary

p. 87

Roundtable Discussion: Teaching for Change

More than an Encore

pp. 89-95

Reflections on and the Impact of the "Teaching for Change" Conference

pp. 95-98

Conflict in the Heart of the Academy: Individual Change and Institutional Power

pp. 98-103

Reflections on the "Teaching for Change" Conference: The Business of Feminist Teaching

pp. 103-108

Sex and the (Tent) City

pp. 108-112

Not a Luxury, But a Necessity: Toward Transgressive Thinking

pp. 112-117

A Reflection on the "Teaching for Change" Conference and Its Challenges in My Workplace

pp. 117-121

Wanting More Change: A Few Reflections from a Secular Menace

pp. 122-127

Roundtable Discussion: Got Life? Finding Balance and Making Boundaries in the Academy

Work Is Not the Only Problem: How the Concept of Family Contributes to the Work-Family Dilemma

pp. 127-131

For a Graduate Student, Parenting Is Political

pp. 131-135

My Experience as Artist and Adjunct

pp. 135-140

Social-Justice Activism in the Academic Industrial Complex

pp. 140-145

Copestones for Life

pp. 145-148

Living It Out

Ethical Challenges Confronting the Roman Catholic Women's Ordination Movement in the Twenty-First Century

pp. 149-169


Notes on Contributors

pp. 171-174