restricted access   Volume 23, Number 1, Spring 2007

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From: Journal of Feminist Studies in Religion

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Editors' Introduction

pp. 1-3

Special Section: Celebrating Judith Plaskow's Work

Special Section: Celebrating Judith Plaskow's Work: Introduction

pp. 5-6

A Prophetic Voice for Truth

pp. 6-10

To Speak Freely at the Intersection of the Personal, Institutional, and Scholarly

pp. 10-16

Asking Hard Questions \-\- Learning from the Wind

pp. 16-21

Erotic Justice: Authority, Resistance, and Transformation

pp. 22-25

Standing (Again) with Judith Plaskow: A Selective Reading of Her Essays

pp. 25-29

Community and Ambiguity: A Response from a Companion in the Journey

pp. 29-34

The Coming of Lilith: A Response

pp. 34-41

In a Different View

Pharaoh's Daughter / King Solomon's Wife: Fragments from Her Diaries

pp. 43-47

Pharaoh's Daughter / King Solomon's Wife: A Letter Home

p. 48

From King Solomon's Journal: Fragment of an Unsent Letter (Date Unknown)

p. 49

Besotted with Jesus

p. 50

Mary Mother

p. 51

The Gift of Tongues

p. 52

The Husband Asks Her

p. 53


The Restorative Power of Sound: A Case for Communal Catharsis in Toni Morrison's Beloved

pp. 55-71

Escapism or Engagement? Plotinus and Feminism

pp. 73-93

Mother-Love and Mother-Grief: South Asian Buddhist Variations on a Theme

pp. 95-116

Speaking Out

Gathering Wo/men in the Postcolonial Pacific Region

pp. 117-120

Review Essay

Feminist Applications of Buddhist Thought

pp. 121-140


Notes on Contributors

pp. 141-144