restricted access   Volume 77, Number 5, October 2005

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From: Human Biology

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Quantitative Trait Nucleotide Analysis Using Bayesian Model Selection

pp. 541-559

The F7 Gene and Clotting Factor VII Levels: Dissection of a Human Quantitative Trait Locus

pp. 561-575

Identification of Spatial Genetic Boundaries Using a Multifractal Model in Human Population Genetics

pp. 577-617

The Basques: Review of Population Genetics and Mendelian Disorders

pp. 619-637

Mitochondrial DNA of Ancient Cumanians: Culturally Asian Steppe Nomadic Immigrants with Substantially More Western Eurasian Mitochondrial DNA Lineages

pp. 639-662

Screening of APOB Gene Mutations in Subjects with Clinical Diagnosis of Familial Hypercholesterolemia

pp. 663-673

Polymorphic Alu Insertions and Genetic Diversity Among African Populations

pp. 675-704

Spectrum of CFTR Mutations on Reunion Island: Effect of Neonatal Screening

pp. 705-714

Book Review

Dental Functional Morphology: How Teeth Work (review)

pp. 715-717