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From: Human Biology

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Applications of Pooled DNA Samples to the Assessment of Population Affinities: Short Tandem Repeats

pp. 723-733

Mandibular Symphysis of Large-Bodied Hominoids

pp. 735-759

Growth of Jersey Schoolchildren During the 1940-1945 German Occupation: Comparison with Schoolchildren on Mainland Britain

pp. 761-772

Genotype-by-Sex Interaction in the Regulation of High-Density Lipoprotein: The Framingham Heart Study

pp. 773-793

Beta 3 Adrenergic Receptor Trp64Arg Polymorphism and Manifestation of Coronary Artery Disease in Arabs

pp. 795-802

Microsatellite Diversity in Andhra Pradesh, India: Genetic Stratification Versus Social Stratification

pp. 803-823

Autosomal STR Variation in Five Austronesian Populations

pp. 825-851

Haplotype Distribution of and Linkage Disequilibrium Between Four Polymorphic Markers Near the CFTR Locus in Brazilian Cystic Fibrosis Patients

pp. 853-865

Brief Communications

Distribution of Apolipoprotein E Alleles in Coras and Huicholes from Nayarit and Nahuas and Mestizos from Veracruz, Mexico

pp. 867-872

Frequencies of the Four Major Amerindian mtDNA Haplogroups in the Population of Montevideo, Uruguay

pp. 873-878


Index to Volume 77

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