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  1. Jesus in the Hands of Buddha: The Life and Legacy of Shigeto Vincent Oshida, O.P. by Lucien Miller (review)
  2. Earthing The Cosmic Christ of Ephesians: The Universe, Trinity, & Zhiyi's Threefold Truth by John P. Keenan (review)
  3. The Hidden "God": Toward a Christian Theology of Buddhism by Peter Baekelmans (review)
  4. Laudatory Note: Carol Anderson and Thomas Cattoi
  5. Laudatory Note: Ruben Habito
  6. Graduate Student Member Spotlights Blog for SBCS: Chera Jo Watts
  7. Balancing Depth and Breadth in Our Conversations: Denver 2022 SBCS Annual Meeting
  8. Buddhist-Christian Resources for Spiritual Care: A Scoping Review and Projection
  9. Remarks on Getting Saved in America: Taiwanese Immigration and Religious Conversion
  10. Early Chinese Migrant Religious Identities in Pre-1947 Canada
  11. Vietnamese Catholics in the United States and Americanization: A Sociological and Religious Perspective
  12. Is Whiteheadian Process Thought Compatible with Early Buddhist Philosophy?
  13. Buddhist Antidotes against Greek Maladies: Ritschl, Harnack, and the Dehellenization of Intercultural Philosophy
  14. "What Is so Amazing about All This?": Buddhist Criticism of Christianity in Sixteenth-/Seventeenth-Century Japan
  15. The World and the Desert: A Comparative Perspective on the "Apocalypse" between Buddhism and Christianity
  16. Bright Guardians of the Way and the World: Penthos and Hiri-Ottappa
  17. The Nirvana Controversy: A Comparison of the Pelagian Controversy and Buddhist Views of Liberation
  18. Dhammapada: A Sacred Path toward Liberation from Harm Cycles
  19. Ascent to the Immaterial? Cosmology, Contemplation and the Self
  20. Consolation without Previous Cause in Ignatius's Spiritual Exercises and Zen Satori: A Comparative Study
  21. The Lord's Prayer in the Light of Shin-Buddhist-Christian Comparative Considerations
  22. The Journey of The Mind: Zen Meditation and Contemplative Prayer in the Korean Buddhist and Franciscan Traditions; with Special Reference to "Secrets on Cultivating the Mind" (修心訣 수심결, su shim gyol) by Pojo Chinul (知訥, 1158–1210) and "The Journey of the Mind into God" (itinerarium mentis in deum) by Bonaventure of Bagnoregio (1217–1274)
  23. Editors' Introduction
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