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  1. Books Received
  2. Baihua: Zum Problem der Verschriftung gesprochener Sprache im Chinesischen: Dargestellt anhand morphologischer Merkmale in den bianwen aus Dunhuang (review)
  3. Discovering Chinese Nationalism in China: Modernization, Identity, and International Relations (review)
  4. Brushed Voices: Calligraphy in Contemporary China (review)
  5. Chinese Christians in America: Conversion, Assimilation, and Adhesive Identities (review)
  6. Theater and Society: An Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Drama (review)
  7. The Discourse of Human Rights in China: Historical and Ideological Perspectives (review)
  8. China's Population: Problems, Thoughts and Policies (review)
  9. Hong Kong: Appointment with China (review)
  10. Japanese Cultural Policy toward China, 1918-1931: A Comparative Perspective, and: Japan's Total Empire: Manchuria and the Culture of Wartime Imperialism (review)
  11. The Politics of Lawmaking in Post-Mao China: Institutions, Processes, and Democratic Prospects (review)
  12. Ethnic Chinese as Southeast Asians (review)
  13. Mao's Road to Power: Revolutionary Writings: 1912-1949. Volume 4, The Rise and Fall of the Chinese Soviet Republic: 1931-1934 (review)
  14. Original Tao: Inward Training ( Nei-yeh ) and the Foundations of Taoist Mysticism (review)
  15. Early Buddhist Art of China and Central Asia. Volume 1 (review)
  16. Chinese Thought in a Global Context: A Dialogue between Chinese and Western Philosophical Approaches (review)
  17. The Great Encounter of China and the West, 1500-1800, and: The Vision of China in the English Literature of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries (review)
  18. Opera Omnia (review)
  19. Social Power and Legal Culture: Litigation Masters in Late Imperial China (review)
  20. After the Propaganda State: Media, Politics, and "Thought Work" in Reformed China (review)
  21. The Cambridge History of Ancient China: From the Origins of Civilization to 221 B.C. (review)
  22. Interpreting U.S.-China-Taiwan Relations: China in the Post-Cold War Era (review)
  23. Troubadours, Trumpeters, Troubled Makers: Lyricism, Nationalism, and Hybridity in China and Its Others (review)
  24. Hong Kong's Colonial Legacy (review)
  25. Essential Subtleties on the Silver Sea: The Yin-hai jing-wei: A Chinese Classic on Ophthalmology (review)
  26. China's Living Houses: Folk Beliefs, Symbols, and Household Ornamentation (review)
  27. Die Leishu der imperialen Bibliothek des Kaisers Qianlong (The lei-shu in the imperial library of the Qianlong emperor (review)
  28. Art of the Houma Foundry (review)
  29. Asia's Security Challenges (review)
  30. The Saga of Chinese Higher Education from the Tongzhi Restoration to Tiananmen Square: Revolution and Reform (review)
  31. Early Chinese Medical Literature: The Mawangdui Medical Manuscripts (review)
  32. Dilemma and Decision: An Organizational Perspective on American China Policy Making (review)
  33. The Jews of China. Volume 1, Historical and Comparative Perspectives (review)
  34. Chinese Clothing: An Illustrated Guide, and: Mandarin Squares: Mandarins and Their Insignia, and: Chinese Dragon Robes, and: Traditional Chinese Clothing in Hong Kong and South China, 1840-1980 (review)
  35. Minjian fengsu zhi (Folklore records in China) (review)
  36. The Bible in Modern China: The Literary and Intellectual Impact (review)
  37. Dragon's Brain Perfume: An Historical Geography of Camphor (review)
  38. The Problematic of Self in Modern Chinese Literature: Hu Feng and Lu Ling (review)
  39. Asian Values and Human Rights: A Confucian Communitarian Perspective, and: Waiting for the Dawn: A Plan for the Prince: Huang Tsung-hsi's Ming-i-tai-fang lu (review)
  40. The Taiwan Political Miracle: Essays on Political Development, Elections, and Foreign Relations, and: Taiwan's Mid-1990s Elections: Taking the Final Steps to Democracy (review)
  41. The Empire of the Text: Writing and Authority in Early Imperial China (review)
  42. Engendering Hong Kong Society: A Gender Perspective of Women's Status (review)
  43. From Nothing to Nothing: The Chinese Communist Movement and Hong Kong, 1921-1936 (review)
  44. China and the Mongols: History and Legend under the Yuan and Ming (review)
  45. Transforming Asian Socialism: China and Vietnam Compared (review)
  46. The Matrix of Lyric Transformation: Poetic Modes and Self-Presentation in Early Chinese Pentasyllabic Poetry (review)
  47. George C. Marshall's Mediation Mission to China, December 1945-January 1947 (review)
  48. Popular Songs and Ballads of Han China (review)
  49. Taoism Under the T'ang: Religion and Empire During the Golden Age of Chinese History (review)
  50. In the Red: On Contemporary Chinese Culture (review)
  51. Confucianism and Modernity, Insights from an Interview with Tu Wei-ming
  52. Writing and Authority in Early China (review)
  53. The Nanjing Massacre: A Review Essay
  54. Human Rights and Asian Values: The Limits of Universalism
  55. China in Europe: A Brief Survey of European China Studies at the Beginning of the Twenty-first Century
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