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  1. Reductionism Redux
  2. Persons, Eliminativism, and Context
  3. The Indian Context for Buddhist Reductionism
  4. Political Theory and Classical Confucianism: A Reply to Wang, Back, Tiwald, and Ames
  5. “A Leg is not the Same as Walking”: Riding my Hobby-horse on Interpretive Context
  6. Confucian Constitutionalism without Remedies
  7. Elements of Confucian Virtue Politics
  8. Enabling and Constraining Classical Confucian Political Philosophy
  9. A Rejoinder to Yong Huang
  10. Patient Moral Relativism in the Zhuangzi Defended: A Reply to Jianping Hu
  11. Is Zhuangzi a Patient Relativist?: A Response to Yong Huang
  12. The Political Dangers of Nishida’s View of Embodiment
  13. Yan Fu as a Transmitter and a Creator: A Conceptual Perspective
  14. Kumārila Bhaṭṭa and Pārthasārathi Miśra on First- and Higher-Order Knowing
  15. For Glory and for Sport: Jonathan Edwards and the Vedanta School on God’s Motive for Creating the World
  16. Mencius and Isaiah Berlin on Freedom
  17. Buddhist Ethics as a Path: A Defense of Normative Gradualism
  18. Bhāviveka’s Inclusivism: Discriminating the Feces, Jewels, and Fake Jewels of the Veda
  19. An Account and Analysis of Metempsychosis in the Views of Āzar Kayvān as a Commentator on Illuminationist Philosophy
  20. Daoism and Environmental Philosophy: Nourishing Life by Eric S. Nelson (review)
  21. Chinese Émigré Intellectuals and Their Quest for Liberal Values in the Cold War, 1949–69 by Kenneth Kai-chung Yung (review)
  22. Illuminating the Mind: An Introduction to Buddhist Epistemology by Jonathan Stoltz (review)
  23. Confucian Concord: Reform, Utopia and Global Teleology in Kang Youwei's Datong Shu by Federico Brusadelli (review)
  24. Der gute Weg des Handelns: Versuch einer Ethik für die heutige Zeit by Iso Kern (review)
  25. History of Chinese Philosophy Through its Key Terms ed. by Yueqing Wang, Qinggang Bao, and Guoxing Guan (review)
  26. The Ethics of Oneness: Emerson, Whitman, and the Bhagavad Gita by Jeremy Engels (review)
  27. François Jullien’s Unexceptional Thought: A Critical Introduction by Arne De Boever (review)
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