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  1. Errata
  2. Ban Chiang, Northeast Thailand, vol. 2C: The Metal Remains in Regional Context ed. by Joyce C. White and Elizabeth G. Hamilton (review)
  3. Hill of Prosperity: Excavations at Khok Charoen, Thailand: A Burial Site at the Stone-Metal Junction by Helmut Loofs-Wissowa, and: The Pottery of Khok Charoen, Thailand: An Illustrated, Structured Catalogue of Prehistoric Ceramic Finds from the Site by Helmut Loofs-Wissowa (review)
  4. Sources of Han Decor: Foreign Influence of the Han Dynasty Chinese Iconography of Paradise (260 BC–AD 220) by Sophia-Karin Psarras (review)
  5. Socio-Environmental Dynamics along the Historical Silk Road ed. by Liang Emlyn Yang et al. (review)
  6. The Art and Archaeology of Bodily Adornment: Studies from Central and East Asian Mortuary Contexts ed. by Sheri A. Lullo and Leslie V.Wallace (review)
  7. Animals and Human Society in Asia: Historical, Cultural and Ethical Perspectives ed. by Rotem Kowner et al. (review)
  8. Hierarchical, Ethnic, and Provenance Features of Western Zhou Period Proto-Porcelain in Northern China: New Evidence of a Redistribution System During the Western Zhou Dynasty
  9. Copper Mining and Metallurgy in the Zhongtiao Mountains and Yangzi River Valleys in Early China
  10. The Multi-Period Settlement Dali in Southeastern Kazakhstan: Bronze Age Institutional Dynamics along the Inner Asian Mountain Corridor
  11. Grave Goods from Megalithic Burials in the Upland Forests of the Nilgiri Mountains, South India: Analysis and Chronology
  12. An Immaterial Problem: Toward an Archaeology of Textiles and Textile Production in Historic South Asia
  13. Low-Density Urbanism in Medieval Sri Lanka: Exploring the Hinterland of Polonnaruva
  14. Editors' Note
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