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  1. True Virtue: The Journey of an English Buddhist Nun by Annabel Laity (review)
  2. Seeking Buddhist-Christian Understanding Friends in Dialogue
  3. Black and Buddhist: What Buddhism Can Teach Us About Race, Resilience, Transformation, and Freedom ed. by Pamela Ayo Yetunde and Cheryl Giles, and: Buddhist-Christian Dialogue, U.S. Law, and Womanist Theology for Transgender Spiritual Care by Pamela Ayo Yetunde (review)
  4. When One Religion Isn't Enough: The Lives Of Spiritually Fluid People by Duane Bidwell (review)
  5. The Value Orientations Of Buddhist and Christian Entrepreneurs: A Comparative Perspective On Spirituality and Business Ethics by Gábor Kovács (review)
  6. Buddha Mind – Christ Mind: A Christian Commentary on the Bodhicaryāvatāra by Perry Schmidt-Leukel (review)
  7. Writing for the SBCS Blog or Newsletter
  8. 2020 Frederick J. Streng Award for Excellence in Buddhist-Christian Studies
  9. In 2020 SBCS Sails Skillfully Through First Online Annual Meeting November 20 and December 1–2
  10. Public Statement in Solidarity with Persons of Asian and Pacific Island Descent: Executive Committee of the SBCS
  11. Mindfulness, Buddha-Nature, and the Holy Spirit: On Thich Nhat Hanh's Interpretation of Christianity
  12. Zen Buddhism and Ignatian Spirituality
  13. The Jesus Prayer and Deity Mantras: The Athonite Imiaslavie Teaching and Tibetan Visualization Practices
  14. Spiritual Friendship in Christian Monk Aelred of Rievaulx and the Pali Canon of Buddhism
  15. "The Four Noble Truths: A Buddhist Theology for Undoing Racism"
  16. An Evaluation and Comparison of American Buddhist and Catholic Racial Projects through the Lens of Critical Race Theory
  17. Śāntideva and Paul—An Unexpected Encounter
  18. Spiritual Warriorship: Śāntideva on the Inner Journey of Transforming Anger
  19. Jealous of Myself: Liberative Uses of the Self in Śāntideva’s Bodhicaryavatara
  20. Synergies of Devotion, Compassion, and Wisdom in Śāntideva for Buddhists and Christians
  21. Learning to See the Wisdom of Uncertainty
  22. The Human Is Not Bound: Buddhist-Christian Thought, Spiritual Care, and Complex Religious Bonds
  23. The "Conducive Situation" in the Context of Abuse and the Catholic Church: Exploring Integral Theories of Sexual Violence and Ecclesiologies Supporting Clerical Abuse
  24. Regarding Elephants in the Room: What Buddhists Could Learn from Christians about Preventing Teacher Misconduct
  25. Addressing Sexual Violence in Mennonite Communities: The Case of John Howard Yoder
  26. Clergy Sexual Abuse and the Work of Redemption: Gestures toward a Theology of Accompaniment
  27. The Utility of the Convert/Natal Lens in the Study of Theravāda Buddhist Organizations in California
  28. Natal and Convert Buddhism and Mindfulness
  29. Buddhist-Christian Belonging and the Reimagining of Buddhist Belonging: Natal, Convert, and Post-Buddhist Belonging
  30. Living the Walk: Meditative Christian Walking and Ryōanji
  31. Buddhist Meditation for Christian Contemplatives: Useful and Tricky
  32. Editors' Introduction
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