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  1. Contributors
  2. At Home in Vanuatu: Tradition in the Western Pacific (review)
  3. Heirs of Lata: A Renewal of Polynesian Voyaging, and: Vaka Taumako: The First Voyage (review)
  4. Since the Company Came (review)
  5. Cracks in the Mask (review)
  6. Inside Out: Literature, Cultural Politics, and Identity in the New Pacific (review)
  7. Navigating Islands and Continents: Conversations and Contestations in and around the Pacific (review)
  8. The Value of Indigenous Music in the Life and Ministry of the Church: The United Church in the Duke of York Islands (review)
  9. Art and Performance in Oceania (review)
  10. Representing the South Pacific: Colonial Discourse from Cook to Gauguin, and: Storied Landscapes: Hawaiian Literature and Place (review)
  11. Radio Happy Isles: Media and Politics at Play in the Pacific (review)
  12. En Pays Kanak: Ethnologie, Linguistique, Archéologie, Histoire de la Nouvelle-Calédonie (review)
  13. The French-Speaking Pacific: Population, Environment and Development Issues (review)
  14. National Security and Self-Determination: United States Policy in Micronesia (1961-1972) (review)
  15. Social Change in Melanesia: Development and History (review)
  16. Confronting Fiji Futures (review)
  17. Money and Modernity: State and Local Currencies in Melanesia (review)
  18. Pacific Answers to Western Hegemony: Cultural Practices of Identity Construction (review)
  19. Colonizing Hawai'i: The Cultural Power of Law (review)
  20. Chiefs Today: Traditional Pacific Leadership and the Postcolonial State, and: Leadership in the Pacific Islands: Tradition and the Future (review)
  21. Reflections on Violence in Melanesia (review)
  22. Vanuatu
  23. Solomon Islands
  24. New Caledonia
  25. Fiji
  26. The Region in Review: International Issues and Events, 2000
  27. Cultural Rupture and Indigeneity: The Challenge of (Re)visioning "Place" in the Pacific
  28. Indigenous Articulations
  29. On the Edge?: Deserts, Oceans, Islands
  30. Disappearing Worlds: Anthropology and Cultural Studies in Hawai'i and the Pacific
  31. "What Kine Hawaiian Are You?": A Mo'olelo about Nationhood, Race, History, and the Contemporary Sovereignty Movement in Hawai'i
  32. L(o)osing the Edge
  33. Native Pacific Cultural Studies on the Edge
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