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  1. Contributors
  2. An Introduction to the Anthropology of Melanesia: Culture and Tradition (review)
  3. Introduction
  4. Selo! Selo! Bigfala Canoe
  5. Kilim Taem (review)
  6. Kava: The Drink of the Gods (review)
  7. O Tamaiti (The children), and: Velvet Dreams (review)
  8. Baby No-Eyes (review)
  9. Gutsini Posa (Rough seas) (review)
  10. Across the Great Divide: Journeys in History and Anthropology (review)
  11. Perspectives on the Bird's Head of Irian Jaya, Indonesia: Proceedings of the Conference, Leiden, 13-17 October 1997 (review)
  12. To Labour with the State: The Fiji Public Service Association (review)
  13. Music at the Borders: Not Drowning, Waving and Their Engagement with Papua New Guinean Culture (1986-96), and: Sound Alliances: Indigenous Peoples, Cultural Politics and Popular Music in the Pacific (review)
  14. Cultures of Secrecy: Reinventing Race in Bush Kaliai Cargo Cults (review)
  15. The Magical Body: Power, Fame, and Meaning in a Melanesian Society (review)
  16. Fiji in Transition: Research Papers of the Fiji Constitution Review Commission, and: Fiji and the World: Research Papers of the Fiji Constitution Review Commission (review)
  17. The Pacific Islands: Environment and Society (review)
  18. American Anthropology in Micronesia: An Assessment (review)
  19. Queen Sälote of Tonga: The Story of an Era 1900-1965 (review)
  20. Vanuatu
  21. New Caledonia
  22. Fiji
  23. The Region in Review: International Issues and Events, 1999
  24. A Selected Bibliography of Economic Development in the Republic of Palau
  25. Eco-consciousness and Development in Palau
  26. Taiwan's Foreign Economic Relations with Developing Nations: A Case Study of Its Ties with Palau
  27. The Japanese Encounter with the South: Japanese Tourists in Palau
  28. Niche or Mass Market?: The Regional Context of Tourism in Palau
  29. Placing Movers: An Overview of the Asian-Pacific Migration System
  30. Remaking Footprints: Palauan Migrants in Hawai'i
  31. Exporting People: The Philippines and Contract Labor in Palau
  32. Palauans and Guest Workers: An Opinion Paper
  33. The Meanings of Work in Contemporary Palau: Policy Implications of Globalization in the Pacific
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