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  1. Relations and Practices of Virtue: Replies to Commentators
  2. Skill, Practice, and Virtue: Some Questions and Objections for Aaron Stalnaker
  3. Training Virtue without Losing Autonomy: A Response to Aaron Stalnaker
  4. Dependence, Deference, and Meritocracy: Some Questions for Aaron Stalnaker
  5. Comments on Aaron Stalnaker’s Mastery, Dependence, and the Ethics of Authority
  6. Offerings of Resistance: Transcending Weber through a Benjaminian Interpretation of Theravada Merit-Making
  7. Climate Change and Moral Responsibility toward Future Generations: A Confucian Perspective
  8. The Dialectics of Yangsheng: Healing by Argument in the Zhuangzi
  9. Reading Iqbal in the Light of Kierkegaard: Toward an Existentialist Approach to Islam
  10. Mengzi on Nourishing the Heart by Having Few Desires (7B.35)
  11. Between Coherence and Principle: Li 理 and the Politics of Neo-Confucianism in Late Koryŏ Korea
  12. Fashioning the Word-Tool: The Instrumental Character of the Word in Yogic Mantra Meditation and Phenomenology
  13. Can East Meet West as Intellectual Equals? Insights from Some Western Thinkers' Encounter with Eastern Thought
  14. Ten Moons: Consciousness and Intentionality in the Ālambanaparīkṣā and Its Commentaries
  15. Ātman as Substance in the Vākyapadīya and Beyond
  16. The "Non-Naturalistic Fallacy" in Lao-Zhuang Daoism
  17. The Origins of Philosophy in Ancient Greece and Ancient India: A Historical Comparison by Richard Seaford (review)
  18. Voice of the Buddha: Buddhaghosa on the Immeasurable Words by Maria Heim (review)
  19. A Śabda Reader: Language in Classical Indian Thought ed. by Johannes Bronkhorst (review)
  20. La Détermination du Néant Marquée par L’autoéveil by NISHIDA Kitarō (review)
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