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  1. Coins as Cultural Texts in the World of the New Testament by D. H. Wenkel (review)
  2. The Letter to the Romans: Paul among the Ecologists by S. K. Tonstad (review)
  3. Introducing the New Testament: A Historical, Literary, and Theological Survey by M. A. Powell (review)
  4. The First Christian Believer: In Search of John the Baptist by R. Nir (review)
  5. Intermediate Greek Grammar: Syntax for Students of the New Testament by D. L. Mathewson and Elodie B. Emig (review)
  6. The Price of Partnership in the Letter of Paul to the Philippians: “Make My Joy Complete” by Mark A. Jennings (review)
  7. The Testimony of the Exalted Jesus in the Book of Revelation by Sarah U. Dixon (review)
  8. Colossians and Philemon by G. K. Beale (review)
  9. (Post-)Perspectivally, Paul?
  10. New Perspectives on the Old Covenant: 2 Corinthians 3 and Paul within Judaism
  11. Exegetical Exploration of 1 John 4:7–21 in the Context of the Nigerian Church
  12. Refining the Criteria for Delineating Côla and Periods: Some Remarks on the First and Second Steps of “Sound Mapping”
  13. Reconsidering “Law” in the Letter of James
  14. The Burial of Jesus Compared with the Burial of Covid-19 Victims: Dishonour and Damage Control
  15. A Walk through the City with John Chrysostom: Psychogeography, Virtue and the Urban Ascetic in the Homilies On Ephesians 15 and On Hebrews 28
  16. Honour Not Non-Violence: Retrieving a Concept from the First-Century Context of Christian Marginalisation
  17. An Examination of Prayer in 3 John 2 and the Farewell Discourse in Light of the Mission of God
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