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  1. Gridiron Gourmet: Gender and Food at the Football Tailgate by Maria J. Veri and Rita Liberti (review)
  2. Dreamers and Schemers: How an Improbable Bid for the 1932 Olympics Transformed Los Angeles from Dusty Outpost to Global Metropolis by Barry Siegel (review)
  3. Power Play: Professional Hockey and the Politics of Urban Development by Jay Scherer, David Mills, and Linda Sloan McColloch (review)
  4. Cricket, Kirikiti and Imperialism in Samoa, 1879–1939 by Benjamin Sacks (review)
  5. Transnational Sport in the American West: Oaxaca California Basketball by Bernardo Ramirez Rios (review)
  6. Africa's Elite Football: Structure, Politics, and Everyday Challenges ed. by Chuka Onwumechili (review)
  7. Reclaiming 42: Public Memory and the Reframing of Jackie Robinson's Radical Legacy by David Naze (review)
  8. Professional Wrestling and the Commercial Stage by Eero Laine (review)
  9. Olympic Stadia: Theatres of Dreams by Geraint John and Dave Parker (review)
  10. Futbolera: A History of Women and Sports in Latin America by Brenda Elsey and Joshua Nadel (review)
  11. Swimming Communities in Victorian England by Dave Day and Margaret Roberts (review)
  12. National Pastimes: Cinema, Sports, and Nation by Katharina Bonzel (review)
  13. No Game for Boys to Play: The History of Youth Football and the Origins of a Public Health Crisis by Kathleen Bachynski (review)
  14. Gods, Games, and Globalization: New Perspectives on Religion and Sports ed. by Rebecca Alpert, and Arthur Remillard (review)
  15. New Orleans Sports: Playing Hard in the Big Easy ed. by Thomas Aiello (review)
  16. Sports in African History, Politics, and Identity Formation ed. by Saheed Aderinto, and Michael J. Gennaro (review)
  17. The Uruguayan Football Museum
  18. The English Game (2020) by Wr. Julian Fellows (review)
  19. Athlete A: The Documentary That Launched a Global Crisis in Gymnastics
  20. Soccertown USA (2018) dir. by Robert Penzel (review)
  21. "So Much Winning": Michael Jordan, The Last Dance, and Intersecting Pandemic Politics
  22. The Last Dance, a Lost Opportunity
  23. Michael Jordan's "Last Dance" around Social Responsibility
  24. American Exceptionalism, the Cold War, and The Last Dance
  25. The Revenge of Jordan: Any Slight (Real or Imagined) Will Do
  26. Jordan Takes the Lead on The Last Dance
  27. Sport Scholars on The Last Dance
  28. Superfood or Superficial? Plasmon and the Birth of the Supplement Industry
  29. "National Responsibility": A History of Willful Nostalgia in the Canadian Football League
  30. "Heading for the big time": South Africans and the North American Soccer League, 1968–84
  31. Conceptualizing "Small-Time" College Athletics: The Fracture of the "Little Nineteen" Conference in the 1930s
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