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  1. Picturing Identity: Contemporary American Autobiography in Image and Text by Hertha D. Sweet Wong (review)
  2. The Wounded Self: Writing Illness in Twenty-First-Century German Literature by Nina Schmidt (review)
  3. Antonia White and Manic-Depressive Illness by Patricia Moran (review)
  4. Autobiography: A Very Short Introduction by Laura Marcus (review)
  5. Girls, Autobiography, Media: Gender and Self-Mediation in Digital Economies by Emma Maguire (review)
  6. Elusive Lives: Gender, Autobiography, and the Self in Muslim South Asia by Siobhan Lambert-Hurley (review)
  7. Conversations with Biographical Novelists: Truthful Fictions across the Globe ed. by Michael Lackey (review)
  8. Through the Looking Glass: Writers' Memoirs at the Turn of the 21st Century by Robert Kusek (review)
  9. The Qualified Self: Social Media and the Accounting of Everyday Life by Lee Humphreys (review)
  10. Secret Police Files from the Eastern Bloc: Between Surveillance and Life Writing ed. by Valentina Glajar, Alison Lewis, and Corina L. Petrescu (review)
  11. Diaries Real and Fictional in Twentieth-Century French Writing by Sam Ferguson (review)
  12. Women's Life Writing and Early Modern Ireland ed. by Julie A. Eckerle and Naomi McAreavey (review)
  13. Ancient Biography: Identity through Lives by ed. by Francis Cairns and Trevor Luke (review)
  14. Shared Selves: Latinx Memoir and Ethical Alternatives to Humanism by Suzanne Bost (review)
  15. Women's Life Writing and the Practice of Reading: She Reads to Write Herself ed. by Valérie Baisnée-Keay et al. (review)
  16. Queering the Family, Reclaiming the Father: Proustian Evocations in Alison Bechdel's Fun Home
  17. Biography in Contemporary France
  18. What's in an I? Dissonant and Consonant Self-Narration in Autobiographical Discourse
  19. Working Out Socialism: Labor and Politics in Socialist Autobiography in Twentieth-Century Poland
  20. A Self-Portrait of the Armenian Artist as Homo Sacer: The Biopolitical Limits of Hagop Mintzuri's Life Writing
  21. (Un)veiled Women, Modernity, and Civilizing Missions: Selma Ekrem's Legacy and the Suffrage Movement
  22. Relating Otherwise: Curated Narratives
  23. Relating Otherwise: Curated Narratives
  24. Relating Otherwise: Forging Critical Solidarities Across the Kashmiri Pandit-Muslim Divide
  25. Editor's Note
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