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  1. Contributors
  2. A wild ride sparked by a silver car
  3. A meditation on seeking the animal cure
  4. Journey to the other side of the world and into the self
  5. The present meets the past in an open grave on the moor
  6. Yearning for a time beyond time
  7. Taking the fight to corporate culture
  8. Human thinks about (thinking about) nonhuman species
  9. From the ashes of grief
  10. Everyone has a mirror face
  11. About Auctions: The Art of Not Forgetting
  12. About Outreach: Prison Transformation through Creative Writing Design
  13. About Art: A Map Much Needed
  14. About Robert Dixon: "RobCon 2019"
  15. The Foundling Wheel: At the Liguria Study Centre in Bogliasco
  16. Our breathing sounds like a blanket
  17. Stump Psalm
  18. The Sleepers
  19. Angel of the Void (five-second fall)
  20. Ngā whānau [The families]
  21. What a Perfect Kebab Tastes Like
  22. At the Pub
  23. From On High: after John Russell's Toul Rock (Guibel Rock) 1904–05
  24. Crumbs
  25. The Poem I Have Not Written
  26. 9.13am
  27. Hsu-Ming Teo's Post-Multicultural Affective Improvisations on Love
  28. Neoliberal Subjectivity and the Agony of Choice in Teo Hsu-Ming's Love and Vertigo
  29. "Twice-Nationalized": The Expatriation and Repatriation of Ming Cher's Spider Boys
  30. Sexing the Banana: Michele Lee's Banana Girl
  31. Stories from the South: Literary Depictions of Indonesians in Australia
  32. Reanimating Vietnamese Australian Diasporas through Digital Autographics: The Work of Lê Văn Tài
  33. Australian Theater's White Gaze in the Making of Coloured Aliens
  34. Introduction: Articulating Southeast Asia and the Antipodes
  35. Available time
  36. when the utu came
  37. Shimmer
  38. Australian Literature Today—Labao Wang Interviews Elizabeth Webby
  39. Near-believing
  40. Antipodean Modernism: The "Fourth Dimension" in the Writings of Robin Hyde and Ethel Anderson
  41. Cover Art
  42. From the Editor
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