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  1. The Annual Meeting of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies Concurrent with the American Academy of Religion Annual Meeting San Diego, November 2019: Powerful Resources for Victims of Sexual Violence and for Dual Religious Practitioners
  2. Tendrel: A Memoir of New York and the Buddhist Himalayas by Harold Talbott (review)
  3. Zen Wisdom for Christians by Christopher Collingwood (review)
  4. Thomas Merton's Encounter with Buddhism and Beyond: His Interreligious Dialogue, Inter-Monastic Exchanges, and their Legacy by Jaechan Anselmo Park (review)
  5. Ecodharma: Buddhist Teaching for the Ecological Crisis by David R. Loy (review)
  6. Rainbow Body and Resurrection: Spiritual Attainment, The Dissolution Of the Material Body, and the Case of Khenpo a Chö by Francis V. Tiso (review)
  7. The Practice of Double Belonging and Afro-Buddhist Identity in Jan Willis's Dreaming Me
  8. Critical Race Theory Meets Internal Family Systems: Toward a Compassion Spirituality for a Multireligious and Multiracial World
  9. Calling for a Buddhist Theology of Dementia
  10. "Empathy on Trial: Is Empathy Inherently Biased?"
  11. Is Nonviolence and Pacifism in Christian and Buddhist Ethics Obligatory or Supererogatory?
  12. Emperor, Empress, and the Divine in San Vitale and the Binyang Central Cave
  13. When Guanyin Encounters Madonna: Rethinking on Chinese Madonna from the Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago
  14. A Review of Gospel of Thomas and Itivuttaka from formal Perspective
  15. Buddhist-Christian Dialogue: Mystery of the Naked Heart
  16. What Lies Within: Uncovering the Holy Spirit with the Aid of Buddhist Philosophy
  17. Nostra Aetate and Encountering Buddhism
  18. The Historical Interface between Buddhism and Christianity in Cambodia, with Special Attention to the Christian and Missionary Alliance, 1923–1970
  19. Philosophy beyond Mechanization: Critiquing Economic Liberalism through Nishitani Keiji's Critique of Modernity
  20. "Have This Mind in You": A Study of the Relationship between Pauline Christology and the Tathāgatagarbha Tradition of Mahayana Buddhism
  21. Dwelling at the Heart of Holiness: Locating the Buddha-Land and the Place of God
  22. Innovating Mahāyāna Buddhism and Christianity Through Contemplation: A Comparative Study
  23. Modern Lotus Sutra–Based Approaches to Religious Diversity and the Interreligious Thought of Niwano Nikkyō
  24. Paths to Interreligious Dialogue: The Teaching of the Lotus Sutra and the Spirituality of Focolare Movement
  25. Clouds Speaking and Words Singing: Patterns of Revelation and Piety in the Lotus Sutra and in the Hebrew Bible
  26. The Lotus Sutra and Christian Wisdom: Mutual Illumination in Interreligious Dialogue
  27. A Muslim's Reflections on Saddharamapundariksutra—The Lotus Sutra
  28. Transformation or Rediscovery? Soteriological and Cosmological Themes in the Lotus Sutra and the Philokalic Tradition
  29. Ways of Being Religious in the Lotus Sūtra: Themes for Interreligious Reflection and Dialogue: Honoring Gene Reeves (1933-2019), with Deep Gratitude
  30. Beyond Pluralism and Inclusivism: Multiple Religious Validity and the Lotus Sūtra
  31. Contexts of Reception: The Lotus Sūtra in Nineteenth-Century Europe and What They Overlooked
  32. Editor's Introduction
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