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  1. Contributors
  2. Books Received
  3. Searching for Black Confederates: The Civil War’s Most Persistent Myth by Kevin M. Levin (review)
  4. Not Even Past: The Stories We Keep Telling about the Civil War by Cody Marrs (review)
  5. Engines of Redemption: Railroads and the Reconstruction of Capitalism in the New South by R. Scott Huffard Jr (review)
  6. The Women’s Fight: The Civil War’s Battles for Home, Freedom, and Nation by Thavolia Glymph (review)
  7. Illusions of Emancipation: The Pursuit of Freedom and Equality in the Twilight of Slavery by Joseph P. Reidy (review)
  8. Private Confederacies: The Emotional Worlds of Southern Men as Citizens and Soldiers by James J. Broomall (review)
  9. Rebel Richmond: Life and Death in the Confederate Capital by Stephen V. Ash (review)
  10. Congress at War: How Republican Reformers Fought the Civil War, Defied Lincoln, Ended Slavery, and Remade America by Fergus M. Bordewich, and: Ending the Civil War and Consequences for Congress ed. by Paul Finkelman and Donald R. Kennon (review)
  11. Blind No More: African American Resistance, Free-Soil Politics, and the Coming of the Civil War by Jonathan Daniel Wells, and: “There Is a North”: Fugitive Slaves, Political Crisis, and Cultural Transformation in the Coming of the Civil War by John L. Brooke (review)
  12. The Constitutional Origins of the American Civil War by Michael F. Conlin (review)
  13. Liberty and Slavery: European Separatists, Southern Secession, and the American Civil War by Niels Eichhorn (review)
  14. Slavery and Class in the American South: A Generation of Slave Narrative Testimony, 1840–1865 by William L. Andrews (review)
  15. A Literate South: Reading before Emancipation by Beth Barton Schweiger (review)
  16. With “the Economics-of-Slavery Culture Wars,” It’s Déjà Vu All Over Again
  17. Remembering Reconstruction in Its Twilight: Ulysses S. Grant and James G. Blaine on the Origins of Black Suffrage
  18. Surveying the Destruction of African American Schoolhouses in the South, 1864–1876
  19. "Negroes Will Bear Fabulous Prices": The Economics of Wartime Slave Commerce and Visions of the Confederate Future
  20. Editors’ Note
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