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  1. Forthcoming
  2. Notes on Contributors
  3. Passwords: Philology, Security, Authentication by Brian Lennon (review)
  4. Repeating Žižek ed. by Agon Hamza (review)
  5. Beckett's Intuitive Spectator: Me to Play by Michelle Chiang (review)
  6. Variations on Media Thinking by Siegfried Zielinski (review)
  7. Rhetoric as Posthuman Practice by Casey Boyle (review)
  8. On Interpretive Conflict by John Frow (review)
  9. Rape: From Lucretia to #MeToo by Mithu Sanyal (review)
  10. Philosophy of Language by Vilém Flusser (review)
  11. Multidimensionality: An Interview with Roderick A. Ferguson
  12. History Below Deck: An Interview with Marcus Rediker
  13. But What About Love?
  14. Steamy
  15. Has Postcritique Run Out of Steam?
  16. The Humanities without Critique: On a Service Industry for Neoliberal Academe
  17. Postcritique and the Leakiness of Spheres
  18. Psychopolitics: Theorization against Crisis
  19. Edward Said, the Novel
  20. Foucaultian Ethics and Human Rights Education
  21. Necropolitics Enfleshed
  22. On Political Formalism
  23. Writing as Resistance: Alice Jardine's At the Risk of Thinking
  24. Harold Bloom and The American Canon: RIP
  25. Such Violent Laughter
  26. The Content of Culture: Matthew Arnold and Harold Bloom
  27. Drama and Bloom's Canon
  28. Whipping Homer, Cudgeling Shakespeare: Thinking Canon-Tradition
  29. Eloquence: A Response to Harold Bloom's The American Canon
  30. American Literature in Bloom
  31. Said's Worldliness
  32. Existentialism as a World Theory
  33. Speculative Futures: Race in Watchmen's Worlds
  34. The World of World Literature and World-Systems Analysis
  35. Philosophy Between Land and Sea
  36. World Theory: Amitav Ghosh on Being at Sea
  37. Life-Stories: How to Write Remains
  38. Morin's Ecology of Ideas and Derrida's Limitrophy: (Re-)Envisioning a Post-Human Ethics
  39. Chinese Anthologies of American Literature, Multiculturalism, and Cultural Import-Export
  40. The Mirror of Attention: Affording Literarity
  41. There's No Such Thing as a Cat Person: A Lacanian Approach to Literary Criticism in Light of #MeToo
  42. "The Collier's Small, Mean Head": Class, Form, and (Im)perfection
  43. "What's Fragile Is Always New": The Truth of Literature in Roland Barthes' The Preparation of the Novel
  44. American Fascism: Fourteen Deadly Principles of Contemporary Politics
  45. Out of Control
  46. Platforms of Control: Social Media and the Limits of Theoretical Pluralism
  47. What Society? Invisible Machines, Control, and Niklas Luhmann's Theory of Society
  48. Control after Cybernetics: Governmentality as Navigation by Homeostasis and Chaos
  49. Infrastructure Beyond Control: Clowning the Nuclear Age
  50. Digital Index: Control Poetics in Die Maschine
  51. The "Limits of Control": Burroughs through Deleuze
  52. Salvational Super-Agents and Conspiratorial Secret Agents: Conspiracy, Theory, and Fantasies of Control
  53. The Paranoid Style in Postcritique
  54. "I Live in Dystopia"
  55. Gestures of Control
  56. Control, Again: Further Thoughts from the Pandemic
  57. Editor's Note
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