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  1. Books Received
  2. Mary Shelley: The Life that Inspired "Frankenstein." dir. by Haifaa Almansour (review)
  3. It's Alive!: "Frankenstein" at 200 (review)
  4. Frankenreads (review)
  5. Peterloo dir. by Mike Leigh (review)
  6. John Keats and the Medical Imagination ed. by Nicholas Roe, and: John Keats: 21st Century Oxford Authors ed. by John Barnard, and: The Keats Letters Project ed. by Anne C. McCarthy, et al. (review)
  7. Science, Form, and the Problem of Induction in British Romanticism by Dahlia Porter (review)
  8. Awful Parenthesis: Suspension and the Sublime in Romantic and Victorian Poetry by Anne C. McCarthy, and: Imagination and Science in Romanticism by Richard C. Sha (review)
  9. The Poetics of Decline in British Romanticism by Jonathan Sachs (review)
  10. Singing in a Foreign Land: Anglo-Jewish Poetry 1812–1847 by Karen A. Weisman (review)
  11. Romantic Literature and the Colonised World: Lessons from Indigenous Translations by Nikki Hessell (review)
  12. Last Things: Disastrous Form from Kant to Hujar by Jacques Khalip (review)
  13. The Female Philosopher and Her Afterlives: Mary Wollstonecraft, the British Novel, and the Transformations of Feminism, 1796–1811 by Deborah Weiss (review)
  14. British Romanticism and the Literature of Human Interest by Mai-Lin Cheng (review)
  15. Post-Personal Romanticism: Democratic Terror, Prosthetic Poetics, and the Comedy of Modern Ethical Life by Bo Earle (review)
  16. The Leslie A. Marchand Memorial Lectures, 2000–2015: A Legacy in Byron Studies ed. by Katherine Kernberger (review)
  17. Urbanization and English Romantic Poetry by Stephen Tedeschi (review)
  18. Romantic Shades and Shadows by Susan J. Wolfson (review)
  19. Spelling the Orient
  20. Romantic Fancy in the Context of Pacific Exploration
  21. Occupy Romanticism
  22. Romanticism in Quarantine
  23. On Being a Romanticist in the Library
  24. Where's Queer?
  25. Publishing Romantic Scholarship in 2020
  26. Romanticism, Adaptation, and Twenty-First Century Public Humanities
  27. Remarks on Romantic Reading
  28. Unrequired Reading
  29. Is Romanticism Necessary?
  30. Kant, Keats, and a Plea for Romantic Idealism
  31. 'Connecting' the Bhawoiyaa Songs with Keats's Lyric Poetics: A Parallel Literary Analysis
  32. Shelley's Poetics of Evanition
  33. The Romantic Actor as Artist
  34. Global Romantics and the Cultural Etymology of Terrorism
  35. Modeling Bodies in Romantic Texts and Scientific Culture
  36. Expanding Romanticism's Spatiotemporal, Disciplinary, and Conceptual Boundaries
  37. Romanticism's Radical Connectivity
  38. Kaleidoscopic Romanticism
  39. After Us
  40. Of Coleopterans and Chameleons: Romanticismo británico, or 英國浪漫主義
  41. The Age of Exile
  42. Mary Shelley in the South Bronx
  43. Romanticism in the Present: A Micro-Dialectic
  44. Meanwhile Romanticism / Romanticism Meanwhile
  45. Form in the Context of History and Other Meaningful Structures
  46. The Race Thing
  47. Keats and Skepticism
  48. Chronic and Invisible: The Future of Romantic Disability Studies
  49. Romanticism, Orientalism, Orientation
  50. A Blue Delphinium
  51. Merthyr at 188: What Could Be Romantic Wales?
  52. On Sitting Down to Read John Keats Once Again
  53. Adapting the Spirit of the Age
  54. Toward a Bibliometric History of Romantic Studies
  55. Whither the Gothic-Romantic Relationship?
  56. Reanimating Saints: Romantic Mythopoetics and New Biography
  57. Medical Formalism
  58. The Bengal Annual and #bigger6
  59. Romanticism and Dispossessed/ing History
  60. East, West, and the Afterlife of British Romanticism in East Asia
  61. Vital Romanticism
  62. Keats, Medicine and British Romantic Culture
  63. Romanticism and Consciousness Once More
  64. Am I a Romanticist? My Department Can't Decide
  65. Red Shelley, Once Again
  66. Romanticism Bound
  67. Romantic (Re)turns
  68. Repressive Violence and Romantic Resilience
  69. Improvising Friends
  70. On Behalf of the Academics Formerly Known as Romanticists
  71. Hazlitt and Hyperbole Studies
  72. Melesina Trench Tests the Moony Waters of Romantic-Era Lunar Fiction in Verse: The Moonlanders (1816)
  73. Keats's Chameleon Poetics, Or, the Natural History of "Ode to a Nightingale"
  74. Mary Shelley's Guido, Genoa, and Janus
  75. A Newly Discovered Document on the Case of Elena Adelaide Shelley
  76. News and Notes
  77. For Donald H. Reiman: Dedication and Remembrance
  78. From the Editor
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