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  1. Index to Volume 70
  2. Civility, Subordination, and Praxis
  3. Risks and Temptations: On the Appeal of (In)Civility
  4. Can One Be Rude to a Shoe? Saving Our Humanity and the Wrong of Rudeness
  5. Manners, Vulnerability, and Rude Women: Comments on Amy Olberding's The Wrong of Rudeness
  6. Civility as Self-Determination
  7. An Onto-Hermeneutic Turn in China's Political Modernization: The Revival and Reconfiguration of Confucianism During the Late Qing Reform
  8. Somethings and Nothings: Śrīgupta and Leibniz on Being and Unity
  9. Rumi's Plato: Between Reason and Rapture
  10. A Dilemma for Buddhist Reductionism
  11. Emptiness And Metaethics: Dōgen's Anti-Realist Solution
  12. Alfarabi and Ibn Khaldun: On Tyranny and Domination
  13. What is the World? Neckties, Ghosts, Falling Hairs, and Celestial Cities in a Coherentist Epistemology
  14. Iqbal's Fractured Vision: History as a Science and the Moral Weight of the Past
  15. Nishida Among the Idealists
  16. Training Comparative Philosophers: The Deutsch Approach
  17. Eloquent Silences: After Eliot
  18. Farewell/See You Soon
  19. Eliot Deutsch—Cheerfulness of the Heart and the Mind
  20. Eliot Deutsch and the Aesthetic Turn
  21. Why I Am Not a Buddhist by Evan Thompson (review)
  22. Realisms Interlinked: Objects, Subjects and Other Subjects by Arindam Chakrabarti (review)
  23. Infinte Paths to Infinite Reality: Sri Ramakrishna and Cross-Cultural Philosophy of Religion by Ayon Maharaj (review)
  24. The Chinese Pleasure Book by Michael Nylan (review)
  25. Zhuangzi: The Complete Writings trans by Brook Ziporyn (review)
  26. Reading Through Recovered Ancient Chinese Manuscripts ed. by Shirley Chan (review)
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