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  1. The Serpent's Tail: A Brief History of Khmer Classical Dance by Prumsodun Ok (review)
  2. Cultural Labour: Conceptualizing the 'Folk Performance' in India by Brahma Prakash (review)
  3. Kathakaliyude Kaipusthakam (A Handbook of Kathakali) by Vellinezhi Achuthankutty (review)
  4. Tokyo Listening: Sound and Sense in a Contemporary City by Lorraine Plourde (review)
  5. Adapting Western Classics for the Chinese Stage by Shouhua Qi (review)
  6. China's Chaplin: Comic Stories and Farces by Xu Zhuodai (review)
  7. New Postcolonial Dialectics: An Intercultural Comparison of Indian and Nigerian Plays by Sarbani Sen Vengadasalam (review)
  8. Theatre & Islam by Marvin Carlson (review)
  9. Race by Martin Orkin (review)
  10. Of Shadows dir. by Yi Cui (review)
  11. "An Island of Death": Homo Sacer and Ungrievable Deaths
  12. Rhythmic Tendencies in the Choreographies of Dairakudakan's Muramatsu Takuya
  13. Cultural Anxiety and the Reconstruction of the Xiqu Tradition through Mei Lanfang's Overseas Performances, 1919–1930
  14. Masks and Costumes of Ankiya Bhaona
  15. Creating Bhumi for Sanggar Çudamani, Bali
  16. We Are Not Solid Beings: Presence in Butoh, Buddhism, and Phenomenology
  17. The Role of Armenians in Establishing Western Theatre in the Ottoman Empire
  18. Yoo Chijin's Strategy to Popularize Singeuk in Colonial Korea: The Story of Chunhyang and Porgy
  19. Performing Lost Politics: Yijing yisheng Yibusheng (Ibsen in One Take) (2012) and Wang Chong's Double-Coded New Wave Theatre
  20. Theatre of "Disbelief": Meng Jinghui's Cynical Metatheatre in Contemporary China
  21. Minutes of "Evening to Sum Up the Conclusions from the Stay of the Theatre of Mei Lanfang in the Soviet Union" at The All-Union Society for Cultural Relations with Foreign Countries (VOKS) on Sunday, 14 April 1935
  22. Princess Norodom Buppha Devi (1943–2019): A Life in Dance
  23. From the Editor
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