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  1. Notes on Contributors
  2. Correction
  3. 2019 International Conference on the American Revolution (review)
  4. Modern Language Association Annual Convention (review)
  5. "American Poetry": A Symposium Sponsored by the American Literature Association (review)
  6. Readex America's Historical Imprints: Early American Imprints Series I: Evans (1639–1800) (review)
  7. Readex America's Historical Imprints: Early American Imprints Series II: Shaw-Shoemaker (1801–1819) (review)
  8. Americanist Approaches to The Book of Mormon ed. by Elizabeth Fenton and Jared Hickman (review)
  9. Risky Shores: Savagery and Colonialism in the Western Pacific by George K. Behlmer (review)
  10. A Material World: Culture, Society, and the Life of Things in Early Anglo-America ed. by George Boudreau and Margaretta Lovell (review)
  11. Jefferson on Display: Attire, Etiquette, and the Art of Presentation by G. S. Wilson (review)
  12. Indigenous Prosperity and American Conquest: Indian Women of the Ohio River Valley, 1690–1792 by Susan Sleeper-Smith (review)
  13. Dust to Dust: A History of Jewish Burial in New York by Allan Amanik (review)
  14. Smugglers, Pirates, and Patriots: Free Trade in the Age of Revolution by Tyson Reeder (review)
  15. Credulity: A Cultural History of US Mesmerism by Emily Ogden (review)
  16. Clues to Lower Mississippi Valley Histories: Language, Archaeology, and Ethnography by David V. Kaufman (review)
  17. The Black Avenger in Atlantic Culture by Grégory Pierrot (review)
  18. Urban Slavery in Colonial Mexico: Puebla de los Angeles, 1531–1706 by Pablo Miguel Sierra Silva, and: Corruption and Justice in Colonial Mexico, 1650–1755 by Christoph Rosenmüller (review)
  19. Quill and Cross in the Borderlands: Sor María de Ágreda and the Lady in Blue, 1628 to the Present by Anna M. Nogar (review)
  20. Hot Protestants: A History of Puritanism in England and America by Michael P. Winship (review)
  21. Cavaliers and Economists: Global Capitalism and the Development of Southern Literature, 1820–1860 by Katharine Burnett (review)
  22. Transoceanic America: Risk, Writing, and Revolution in the Global Pacific by Michelle Burnham (review)
  23. Applied Settler Theory: Four Recent Histories
  24. Longing and Belonging in the Age of Revolutions
  25. Reconsidering the Place of Women in Transatlantic Quaker Studies
  26. Network, Book, Page: Compacting Early American Book History
  27. Indigenous Humanity and Early American Archives
  28. William Apess and the Nullification of Settler Law
  29. "Remember Lafitte!": Piracy and the Incorporation of Louisiana in The Memoirs of Lafitte (1826)
  30. Translation, Counterrevolution, and the Early American Novel: Richard Alsop's The Lovers of La Vendée, or Revolutionary Tyranny
  31. Olaudah Equiano's Ecclesial World
  32. The "Raping Numbers" of Bradstreet's Admirers: Petrarchan Verse and Sexual Violence in Colonial Massachusetts
  33. From Trinkets
  34. Editor's Note: Past Lives
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