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This issue contains 31 articles in total

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  1. Contributors
  2. Critical Exchanges
  3. Figure per Gianni Rodari Illustrators for Gianni Rodari ed. by Einaudi Ragazzi (review)
  4. Dread & Delight: Fairy Tales in an Anxious World by Emily Stamey (review)
  5. Tales from the Inner City by Shaun Tan (review)
  6. Scotland’s Forgotten Treasure: The Visionary Romances of George Mac-Donald by Colin Manlove (review)
  7. Fairy Tale: A Very Short Introduction by Marina Warner (review)
  8. The Bitter Life of Božena Nêmcová: A Biographical Collage by Kelcey Parker Ervick (review)
  9. The Caribbean Story Finder: A Guide to 438 Tales from 24 Nations and Territories, Listing Subjects and Sources by Sharon Barcan Elswit (review)
  10. American Myths, Legends, and Tall Tales: An Encyclopedia of American Folklore ed. by Christopher R. Fee and Jeffrey B. Webb (review)
  11. Fantasy Fictions from the Bengal Renaissance ed. by Sanjay Sircar (review)
  12. “Pro e contro la fiaba” Fifty Years Later: Is Gianni Rodari’s Apologia Still Relevant Today?
  13. Gianni Rodari’s Grammar of Fantasy: Between Education and Revolution
  14. In the Name of Rodari
  15. Celebrating the Unknown Famous Gianni Rodari
  16. Marie Meets the Mouse King
  17. The Nutcracker
  18. Illustrating The Nutcracker and the Mouse King: A Practitioner’s Reflection
  19. Godpapa Drosselmeier
  20. Choreographing Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker: A Creative Reflection
  21. Nutcracker Nightmare
  22. Orientalism in Kunstmärchen: E. T. A. Hoffmann’s Escape to the Mythical Realm Atlantis
  23. The Mouse Queen
  24. Journey to Candyland
  25. Candytown and the Land of Cockaigne: Gastronomic Utopia in The Nutcracker and the Mouse King and Other Children’s Literature
  26. Mouse King
  27. Inventing Portal Fantasies: E. T. A. Hoffmann’s The Nutcracker and the Mouse King
  28. Stahlbaum und Mausekönig
  29. Introduction to the Special Issue: The Two-Hundred-Year Legacy of E. T. A. Hoffmann Transgressions of Fantastika
  30. 200 Years of the Nutcracker
  31. From the Editors
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