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  1. Non-Innate A Priori Knowledge in Avicenna
  2. The Myth of a Kantian Avicenna
  3. Avicenna's Notion of Fiṭrīyāt: A Comment on Dimitri Gutas' Interpretation
  4. Differing Views on Heaven's Role in Accounts of Undeserved Hardship in Early China
  5. Hui Shi's Monism: A Russellian Interpretation
  6. Watsuji, Intentionality, and Psychopathology
  7. The Tension Between Divine Command Theory and Utilitarianism in Mozi and George Berkeley: A Comparison
  8. Cultivating Weeds: The Place of Solitude in the Political Philosophies of Ibn Bājja and Nietzsche
  9. Moments of Reticence in the Analects and Wittgenstein
  10. Neither Straight Nor Crooked: Poetry as Performative Dialectics in the Five Ranks Philosophy of Zen Buddhism
  11. Contemporary Non-conceptualism, Conceptual Inclusivism, and the Yogācāra View of Language Use as Skillful Action
  12. Buddhist Non-conceptualism: Building a Smart Border Wall
  13. Beyond Time, Not Before Time: The Pratyabhijñā S'aiva Critique of Dharmakīrti on the Reality of Beginningless Conceptual Differentiation
  14. Pac-Man to the Rescue? Conceptuality and Non-conceptuality in the Dharmakīrtian Theory of Pseudo-perception
  15. Mind and Body in early China: Beyond Orientalism and the Myth of Holism by Edward Slingerland (review)
  16. The Analects of Dasan, Volume II: A Korean Syncretic Reading by Jeong Yak-yong, and: The Analects of Dasan, Volume III: A Korean Syncretic Reading by Jeong Yak-yong (review)
  17. Beyond the Troubled Water of Shifei: From Disputation to Walking-Two-Roads in the Zhuangzi by Lin Ma and Jaap van Brakel (review)
  18. Expressing the Heart's Intent: Explorations in Chinese Aesthetics by Marthe Atwater Chandler (review)
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