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  1. Mak Yong: World Heritage Theatre by Ghulam-Sarwar Yousof (review)
  2. Puppets and Cities: Articulating Identities in Southeast Asia by Jennifer Goodlander (review)
  3. Excavations, Interrogations, Krishen Jit and Contemporary Malaysian Theatre ed. by Charlene Rajendran, Ken Takiguchi, and Carmen Nge (review)
  4. A Socio-Political History Of Marathi Theatre: Thirty Nights by Makarand Sathe (review)
  5. Rāmāyaṇa Saṁkṣepaṁ: An Āṭṭaprakāraṁ (Acting Manual) for Depicting the Story of Rāmāyaṇa Through Mudrās in Kūṭiyāṭṭaṁ Theatre by G. Irinjalakuda Venu (review)
  6. Salpuri-Chum, A Korean Dance for Expelling Evil Spirits: A Psychoanalytic Interpretation of its Artistic Characteristics by Eun-Joo Lee and Yong-Shin Kim (review)
  7. Performing Kamishibai: An Emerging New Literacy for a Global Audience by Tara M. McGowan (review)
  8. The Frontier Within: Essays by Abe Kōbō by Abe Kōbō (review)
  9. Cross-Gender China: Across Yin-Yang, Across Cultures, and Beyond Jingju by Huai Bao aka H. B. Dhawa (review)
  10. Opera, Society, and Politics in Modern China by Hsiaot'i Li (review)
  11. Monks, Bandits, Lovers and Immortals: Eleven Early Chinese Plays transed. by Stephen H. West and Wilt L. Idema, and: Battles, Betrayals, and Brotherhood: Early Chinese Plays on the Three Kingdoms transed. by Wilt L. Idema and Stephen H. West (review)
  12. Revolutionary Bodies: Chinese Dance and the Socialist Legacy by Emily Wilcox (review)
  13. Staging Revolution: Artistry and Aesthetics in Model Beijing Opera During the Cultural Revolution by Xing Fan (review)
  14. Arts and Cultural Leadership in Asia ed. by Josephine Caust (review)
  15. Women and Puppetry: Critical and Historical Investigations ed. by Alissa Mello, Claudia Orenstein, and Cariad Astles (review)
  16. Ham Ik (Hamlet) by Eun-seong Kim (review)
  17. Pratthana: A Portrait Of Possession by Okada Tosh (review)
  18. Cosmic Characters: Wood Puppets Of Asia by Annie Reynolds and Michael Schuster (review)
  19. Report: Indonesian Ramayana Festival at Prambanan (2012)
  20. Lord Ram Plays the Parking Lot: Ramlila in the Diaspora
  21. Ritual and Theatrical Performance in Ramdilla
  22. Review-essay: Documenting Ramayan: Leela in Kheriya and In the Shadow of Time
  23. Kumaoni Ramlila, A Conversation with Himanshu Joshi
  24. Reminisces with My Father, A Nautanki and Ramlila Master Artist
  25. Community, Artistry, and Storytelling in the Cultural Confluence of Nautanki and Ramlila
  26. "Ramayan Gaan" or Singing the Ramayan in West Bengal, Assam, and Bangladesh
  27. Old Delhi's Spectacular Lav-Kush Ramlila: Three Pivotal Scenes in Translation
  28. The Story of Ram in Ramlila
  29. Introduction: The Field of Ramlila
  30. A Note on Transliteration
  31. From The Editor
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