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  1. Rejoinder to Kris McDaniel
  2. A Reply to Andrew Brenner
  3. Ontological Pluralism, Abhidharma Metaphysics, and the Two Truths: A Response to Kris McDaniel
  4. Chinese Thing-Metaphor: Translating Material Qualities to Spiritual Ideals
  5. Revisiting the Internal-External Issue of Ren and Yi: In and beyond Mengzi 6A:4
  6. As If One Witnessed the Creation: Rethinking the Aesthetic Appreciation of Chinese Calligraphy
  7. How Much Adhikāra Does a Commentator Have to Interpret a Śāstra Text
  8. The Sage and the Saint: The Legend and the Legacy of Giulio Aleni
  9. The Pope and the Yellow Emperor: The Interconnected Body
  10. Metaphor or Delusion? A Mīmāṃsaka's Response to Conceptual Metaphor Theory
  11. Confucian Justifications of Democracy: A Critique of Joseph Chan's Democratic Theory
  12. Genius as an Innate Mental Talent of Idea-giving in Chinese Painting and Kant
  13. Thinking Beyond Thought: Tsongkhapa and Mipham on the Conceptualized Ultimate
  14. Buddhist No-Self, the Person Convention, and the Metaphysics of Moral Practice: Is Hayashi's Emergentist Account of Vasubandhu's Ontology of Persons Explanatorily Self-Defeating?
  15. On Ascertaining the Stuff of Dreams: Nāgārjuna's Madhyamaka and Taktsang Lotsawa's Interpretation
  16. The Hermeneutics of Experience: Schleiermacher and Nishitani on the Essence of Religion
  17. Gerald James Larson, 1938–2019
  18. Japanese Environmental Philosophy ed. by Baird Callicott and James McRae (review)
  19. Readings of Sāntideva's Guide to Bodhisattva Practice ed. by Jonathan C. Gold and Douglas S. Duckworth (review)
  20. Three Streams: Confucian Reflections on Learning and the Moral Heart-Mind in China, Korea and Japan by Philip J. Ivanhoe (review)
  21. Cultivating a Good Life in Early Chinese and Ancient Greek Philosophy: Perspectives and Reverberations ed. by Karyn Lai, Rick Benitez and Hyun Jin Kim (review)
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