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  1. Funny Girls: Guffaws, Guts, and Gender in Classic American Comics by Michelle Ann Abate (review)
  2. The Language of Humor: An Introduction by Alleen Pace Nilsen and Don L. F. Nilsen (review)
  3. Comics and the World Wars: A Cultural Record by Jane Chapman, et al. (review)
  4. Gender and Humor: Interdisciplinary and International Perspectives ed. by Delia Chiaro and Raffaella Baccolini (review)
  5. Kierkegaard and the Legitimacy of the Comic by Will Williams (review)
  6. Film, Comedy, and Disability: Understanding Humour and Genre in Cinematic Constructions of Impairment and Disability by Alison Wilde (review)
  7. Humour in the Arts: New Perspectives ed. by Vivienne Westbrook and Shun-liang Chao (review)
  8. The Punk Turn in Comedy: Masks of Anarchy by Krista Bonello Rutter Giappone (review)
  9. Comedy and the Politics of Representation: Mocking the Weak ed. by Helen Davies and Sarah Ilott (review)
  10. The Comedy Studies Reader ed. by Nick Marx and Matt Sienkiewicz (review)
  11. Reader in Comedy: An Anthology of Theory and Criticism ed. by Magda Romanska and Alan Ackerman (review)
  12. Satire by John T. Gilmore, and: The Cambridge Introduction to Satire by Jonathan Greenberg (review)
  13. Horrific Humor and the Moment of Droll Grimness in Cinema: Sidesplitting sLaughter ed. by John A. Dowell and Cynthia J. Miller (review)
  14. God Laughed: Sources of Jewish Humor by Hershey and Linda Friedman (review)
  15. Study in Black and White: Photography, Race, Humor by Tanya Sheehan (review)
  16. The Year's Work in American Humor Studies, 2018
  17. George S. Schuyler's "Shafts and Darts": The Messenger Years, 1923-1924
  18. Laughter's Truths: Hurston, Ellison, and Open-Ended Dialogue
  19. "Like a Realtor in Peoria": Patton Oswalt, Twitter, and Heckling as Social Activism
  20. Beyond Liveness: Experimentation in the Stand-Up Special
  21. American Humor and Matters of Empire: A Proposal and Invitation
  22. On Second Thought
  23. The Editor's Drawers
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