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  1. Books Received
  2. My Brilliant Friends: Our Lives in Feminism by Nancy K. Miller (review)
  3. Poetry Matters: Neoliberalism, Affect, and the Posthuman in Twenty-First Century North American Feminist Poetics by Heather Milne (review)
  4. The “Ulysses” Delusion: Rethinking Standards of Literary Merit by Cecilia Konchar Farr (review)
  5. Clever Girls and the Literature of Women’s Upward Mobility by Mary Eagleton (review)
  6. Spiral of Silence by Elvira Sánchez-Blake (review)
  7. Women Fight, Women Write: Texts on the Algerian War by Mildred Mortimer (review)
  8. Vivien Leigh: Actress and Icon ed. by Kate Dorney, Maggie B. Gale (review)
  9. Self-Harm in New Woman Writing by Alexandra Gray (review)
  10. Maternal Metaphors of Power in African American Women’s Literature: From Phillis Wheatley to Toni Morrison by Geneva Cobb Moore (review)
  11. Her Voice Will Be on the Side of Right: Gender and Power in Women’s Antebellum Antislavery Fiction by Holly M. Kent (review)
  12. Hearing Voices: Aurality and New Spanish Sound Culture in Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz by Sarah Finley (review)
  13. Women, Food Exchange, and Governance in Early Modern England by Madeline Bassnett (review)
  14. Women, Rhetoric, and Drama in Early Modern Italy by Alexandra Coller (review)
  15. Mihrî Hatun: Performance, Gender-Bending, and Subversion in Ottoman Intellectual History by Didem Havlioğlu (review)
  16. When Your Friend Is Also a Mentor: The Mentrix Identity
  17. “Printing books shall eventually be my trade”: Piecing Together the History of Diane di Prima’s Poets Press
  18. Subverting Gender, Patriarchy, and Nation in Carolina De Robertis’s The Gods of Tango
  19. Speculative Black Maternity: Fran Ross’s Oreo and Ntozake Shange’s Sassafrass, Cypress and Indigo
  20. Mary Butts and the “War-fairy-tale”: Femininity, Archaeology, and Great War Rhetoric in Ashe of Rings
  21. Celebrating and Singing, Bleeding and Pining: Embodiment and Emotion in Walt Whitman and Adah Isaacs Menken
  22. The Poetics of Maria Smith Abdy: Wielding the Sword and the Shield
  23. Reforming Count D’elmont: Masculinity, Sympathy, and Reading in Eliza Haywood’s Love in Excess
  24. From the Editor
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