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  1. Ātman as the Substance in the 'Vākyapadīya' and Beyond
  2. A Dilemma for Buddhist Reductionism
  3. An Islamic Account of Reformed Epistemology
  4. Alfarabi and Ibn Khaldun: On Tyranny and Domination
  5. Iqbal’s Fractured Vision: History as a Science and the Moral Weight of the Past
  6. A Revelation of Stephen Angle’s Notion of “Coherence”
  7. Somethings and Nothings: Śrīgupta and Leibniz on Being and Unity
  8. Emptiness and Metaethics: Dōgen’s Anti-Realist Solution
  9. Neither Straight nor Crooked: Poetry as Performative Dialectics in the Five Ranks Philosophy of Zen Buddhism
  10. Moments of Reticence in the Analects and Wittgenstein
  11. Beyond Time, Not Before Time: The Pratyabhijñā Śaiva Critique of Dharmakīrti on the Reality of Beginningless Conceptual Differentiation
  12. Chinese Thing-Metaphor: Translating Material Qualities to Spiritual Ideals
  13. Watsuji, Intentionality, and Psychopathology
  14. The Tension Between Divine Command Theory and Utilitarianism in Mozi and George Berkeley A Comparison
  15. The Hermeneutics of Experience: Schleiermacher and Nishitani on the Essence of Religion
  16. Eckhartian Neologisms and the Tathātā Framework: Istic/Isticheit in Conversation with the Awakening of Faith
  17. Like One Witnessed the Creation: Rethinking the Aesthetic Appreciation of Chinese Calligraphy
  18. Sage and the Saint: The Legend and the Legacy of Giulio Aleni
  19. Revisiting the Internal-External Issue of Ren and Yi: In and beyond the Mengzi 6A: 4
  20. Avicenna’s Notion of Fiṭrīyāt: A Note on Gutas’s Interpretation
  21. Genius as an Innate Mental Talent of Idea-giving in Chinese Painting and Kant
  22. Wu-wei, Merleau-Ponty, and being aware of what we do
  23. Sarvamukti: Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s Aporetic Metaphysics of Collective Salvation
  24. Metaphor or Delusion? A Mīmāṃsaka’s Response to Conceptual Metaphor Theory
  25. Is Free Will Confucian? Li Zehou’s Confucian Revision of the Kantian Will
  26. Virtue as Desire: Mengzi 6A in Light of the Kongzi Shilun
  27. Freedom of the Mind: Buddhist Soft Compatibilism
  28. The Nondualistic Aesthetics of Qi 氣 in Antoni Tàpies’ Holistic Conception of Art
  29. The King’s Slaughterer: Or: the Royal Way of Nourishing Life
  30. Spiritual Discipline, Emotions and Behavior During the Song Dynasty: Zhu Xi’s and Qisong’s Commentaries on the Zhongyong in Comparative Perspective
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