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  1. Index to Volume 30, 2019
  2. Books Received
  3. A World Ablaze: The Rise of Martin Luther and the Birth of the Reformation by Craig Harline (review)
  4. Before Copernicus: The Cultures and Contexts of Scientific Learning in the Fifteenth Century ed. by Rivka Feldhay and F. Jamil Ragep (review)
  5. A Political History of the World: Three Thousand Years of War and Peace by Jonathan Holslag (review)
  6. American Empire: A Global History by A. G. Hopkins, and: The Rise and Fall of the British Nation: A Twentieth-Century History by David Edgerton (review)
  7. Europe's India: Words, People, Empires, 1500–1800 by Sanjay Subrahmanyam, and: India in the American Imaginary, 1780s–1880s ed. by Anupama Arora and Rajender Kaur (review)
  8. A Local History of Global Capital: Jute and Peasant Life in the Bengal Delta by Tariq Omar Ali, and: A Thirst for Empire: How Tea Shaped the Modern World by Erika Rappaport (review)
  9. Pandora's Box: A History of the First World War by Jörn Leonhard (review)
  10. Putting Words in the Emperor's Mouth: A Genealogy of Colonial Potential in the Study of Qing Chinese Diaspora
  11. Bombs in Beijing and Delhi: The Global Spread of Bomb-Making Technology and the Revolutionary Terrorism in Modern China and India
  12. Playing Politics with the Youth: Aga Khan III's Use of Colonial Education and the Ismaili Girl Guide Movement in British Colonial Tanganyika, 1920–1940
  13. Igniting Change in Colonial Indonesia: Soemarsono's Contestation of Colonial Hegemony in a Global Context
  14. Economic Conquest of the Pacific: Revisiting the Tacna-Arica Plebiscite of 1925–1926
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