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  1. Notes on Contributors
  2. Unruly Rhetorics: Protests, Persuasion, and Publics ed. by Johnathan Alexander, Susan C. Jarratt, and Nancy Welch (review)
  3. Theory's Autoimmunity: Skepticism, Literature, and Philosophy by Zahi Zalloua (review)
  4. Genre Theory and Historical Change: The Theoretical Essays of Ralph Cohen ed. by John L. Rowlett (review)
  5. Gut Feminism by Elizabeth Wilson (review)
  6. Recoding World Literature: Libraries, Print Culture, and Germany's Pact with Books by B. Venkat Mani (review)
  7. The Church and the Kingdom by Giorgio Agamben (review)
  8. Henri Bergson by Vladimir Jankélévitch (review)
  9. Mamas of Dada: Women of the European Avant-Garde by Paula K. Kamenish (review)
  10. Good Form: The Ethical Experience of the Victorian Novel by Jesse Rosenthal (review)
  11. The Price of Literature: The French Novel's Theoretical Turn by Patrick M. Bray (review)
  12. Why Theory?: Cultural Critique in Film and Television by Edward Tomarken (review)
  13. Writing In-Between: An Interview with Amitava Kumar
  14. Games, Things, and Theory: An Interview with Ian Bogost
  15. Response: The Institutional History of Theory and the Institutional History of Feminism
  16. How New Literary History Became a Theory Journal
  17. Theory as a Body of Work
  18. The Book History of Theory
  19. Heyday
  20. Theory and the Changing Forms of Institutional Prestige
  21. Against Institution
  22. Introduction: The Recent History of Theory
  23. The Critic as Parasite
  24. Trading Well
  25. It's All His Fault
  26. Trading-In Literature, or Swapping It Out
  27. Trading Literature
  28. The Post-Literature World: A Note on the Future of Literature in the Neoliberal University
  29. Utopian Trade: A Minimal Defense of Intellectual Exchange
  30. Mixed Messages: The Religions of Modernism
  31. On the Modifications of Clouds
  32. The Phantasms of Lionel Trilling
  33. A Subterranean Althusser
  34. Harold Bloom Responds
  35. "The Fury and the Mire of Human Veins": On Bloom's "Endlessly Elaborating Poem"
  36. A Book of Revelation
  37. The Privileged Moment in Bloom: Possessed By Memory: The Inward Light of Criticism
  38. The Pedagogy of the Aesthete: Oscar Wilde and Harold Bloom
  39. The Sight of Memory: Bloom's "Otherseeing" in Possessed by Memory
  40. Possessed by Sahitya
  41. Dead Criticism
  42. Harold Bloom's Possessed by Memory
  43. Bloom's Festival of Significance
  44. Introduction
  45. Capital Theory and the Real World
  46. On Not Selling Out the Subject
  47. Reading Adorno by the Pool; or, Critical Theory in a Postcritical Era
  48. Alchemies of Theory
  49. Resistances to Theory
  50. Offering (Up) Theory
  51. Who Sells Out Theory?
  52. From Street Food to "Street-Level Feminism": Orhan Pamuk's A Strangeness in my Mind
  53. Theory Today in China: An Overview
  54. Addressing the Atomic Specter: Ginsberg'S "Plutonian Ode" and America's Nuclear Unconscious
  55. What is Queer Translation?
  56. Translating the Unconscious: Aleramo's and Delmar's A Woman
  57. Into the Dark Blue: A Medi(t)ation On The Oceans–Its Pain, Its Wonder, Its Wild, and Its Hope
  58. The Sea as Archive: Impressions of Qui Se Souvient De La Mer
  59. Must We Eat Fish?
  60. Surfing Between Blue Humanities and Blue Economies in Cantabria, Spain
  61. Climate Change Goes Live, or Capturing Life? For a Blue Media Studies
  62. Artistic Immersion: Towards an Oceanic Connectedness
  63. Open Endings: The Eastern North Pacific Gray Whale Unusual Mortality Event, 1999-2000
  64. Towards A Blue Humanity
  65. Editor's Note
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