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  1. Annual Bibliography of Works about Life Writing, 2017–2018
  2. American Biography: The Year in the US
  3. #MeToo and the Memoir Boom: The Year in the US
  4. "The necessary disloyalty": The Year in the UK
  5. Auto/Biography and Conflict: The Year in Spain
  6. "Born-Frees" on South Africa's Memory Traps: The Year in South Africa
  7. Cultural Figures and the Biographical Turn: The Year in Romania
  8. Auto/Biography After Disaster: The Year in Puerto Rico
  9. "No Coward Soul is Mine": The Year in Portugal
  10. A Time of Great Biographies—Gombrowicz and Herbert: The Year in Poland
  11. Voices against Erasure, Loss, and Dehumanization: The Year in Palestine
  12. Mediators as the Subject of Dutch Biography: The Year in the Netherlands
  13. Politics and Violence: The Year in Mexico
  14. Archiving the Political, Narrating the Personal: The Year in Lebanon
  15. Emergent Subjectivities: The Year in Korea
  16. Biographies from the Alps to Capri: The Year in Italy
  17. What the Stars Tell: The Year in India
  18. Selves and Identities in the Arabian Gulf: The Year in the Gulf Cooperation Council
  19. The Ghosts of World War II: The Year in France
  20. Life Writing's Coming of Age: The Year in Estonia
  21. Testigo de barbarie y resistencia: El año en Colombia
  22. Independent Biographical Documentaries: The Year in China
  23. Musicians' Lives and National Identity: The Year in Canada
  24. The Brazilian "I/Eye" at the IABA Global Conference: The Year in Brazil
  25. The Tercentenary of Maria Theresa (1717–1780): The Year in Austria and Germany
  26. Essays as Life Writing: The Year in Australia
  27. Editors' Notes
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