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  1. Contributors
  2. Books Received
  3. Rethinking the Civil War Era: Directions for Research by Paul D. Escott (review)
  4. Americans Remember Their Civil War by Barbara A. Gannon (review)
  5. Reconstruction: A Concise History by Allen C. Guelzo (review)
  6. Oliver P. Morton and the Politics of Civil War and Reconstruction by A. James Fuller (review)
  7. This Grand Experiment: When Women Entered the Federal Workforce in Civil War–Era Washington, D.C by Jessica Ziparo (review)
  8. The Civil War and the Transformation of American Citizenship ed. by Paul Quigley (review)
  9. Our Country: Northern Evangelicals and the Union during the Civil War Era by Grant R. Brodrecht (review)
  10. Civil War in the Southwest Borderlands, 1861–1867 by Andrew E. Masich (review)
  11. Fighting Means Killing: Civil War Soldiers and the Nature of Combat by Jonathan M. Steplyk (review)
  12. Performing Disunion: The Coming of the Civil War in Charleston, South Carolina by Lawrence T. McDonnell (review)
  13. A Strife of Tongues: The Compromise of 1850 and the Ideological Foundations of the American Civil War by Stephen E. Maizlish (review)
  14. The Captive's Quest for Freedom: Fugitive Slaves, the 1850 Fugitive Slave Law, and the Politics of Slavery by R. J. M. Blackett (review)
  15. Bound in Wedlock: Slave and Free Black Marriage in the Nineteenth Century by Tera W. Hunter (review)
  16. The Reinvention of Atlantic Slavery: Technology, Labor, Race, and Capitalism in the Greater Caribbean by Daniel B. Rood (review)
  17. A Curse upon the Nation: Race, Freedom, and Extermination in America and the Atlantic World by Kay Wright Lewis (review)
  18. Beyond the Chessboard of War: Contingency, Command, and Generalship in Civil War Military History
  19. "Luke-Warm Abolitionists": Eli Thayer and the Contest for Civil War Memory, 1853–1899
  20. The Lost Continent of Abraham Lincoln
  21. "We Must Have Chihuahua and Sonora": Civil War Diplomacy in the U.S.–Mexico Borderlands
  22. Union Demobilization and the Boundaries of War and Peace
  23. Editor's Note
  24. Bill Blair's Wonderful Life
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