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  1. Books Received
  2. "Why Be Moral?" and Other Matters: Reply to Liu, Tiwald, and Yu
  3. From Philosophy to Neo-Confucianism and Back: Yong Huang's Why Be Moral?
  4. Joy as a Moral Motive: A Response to Yong Huang's Why Be Moral?
  5. Why Be Moral? Comments on Yong Huang's Book on the Cheng Brothers
  6. The Notion of Creation in the Druze Faith
  7. The Transformation of Aesthetic Ren 仁 to Moral Ren 仁: A Practical and Contextual Perspective
  8. Buddhist Selflessness and the Transformation of Folk Psychology
  9. Wang Yangming's Theory of the Unity of Knowledge and Action Revisited: An Investigation from the Perspective of Moral Emotion
  10. The Cogito and Onto-Being of the Mind: Philosophical Early Modernity in Descartes' and Wang Yangming's Metaphysics
  11. The Ontological Dimension of Xunzi's Ritual Propriety: A Comparative Study of Xunzi and Heidegger
  12. Dignāga's Argument for the Awareness Principle: An Analytic Refinement
  13. Priority Cosmopsychism and the Advaita Vedānta
  14. Two Boats Fastened Together: Nāgārjuna's Solution to the Question of the Origin of Ideas
  15. The Way Turning Inward: An Examination of the "New Learning" Usage of Daoxue in Northern Song China
  16. Personal Immortality in Transhumanism and Ancient Indian Philosophy
  17. The Neo-Confucian Transmoral Dimension of Zhu Xi's Moral Thought
  18. De-centering the Individualist Imaginary: Responding to Rosemont's Against Individualism
  19. Against Individualism, For Relationalism: Toward an Ideal of Human Becoming Committed to Relational Justice
  20. Religion, Ritual, and Family
  21. Against Individualism, For Individuality: The Emersonian Henry Rosemont, Jr.
  22. Toleration in Comparative Perspective ed. by Vicki A. Spencer (review)
  23. New Essays in Japanese Aesthetics ed. by A. Minh Nguyen (review)
  24. "Dear Heart": Homage to Henry Rosemont, Jr., 1934–2017
  25. Public Reason Confucianism: Democratic Perfectionism and Constitutionalism in East Asia by Sungmoon Kim (review)
  26. Engaging Japanese Philosophy: A Short History by Thomas P. Kasulis (review)
  27. Confucian Ethics in Western Discourse by Wai-ying Wong (review)
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