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  1. Drumming Asian America: Taiko, Performance, and Cultural Politics by Angela K. Ahlgren (review)
  2. Voices of Taiwanese Women: Three Contemporary Plays ed. by John Weinstein (review)
  3. Books Received
  4. Snow in Midsummer by Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig (review)
  5. Hijikata Tatsumi and Ohno Kazuo by Sondra Fraleigh and Tamah Nakamura (review)
  6. Engeki: Japanese Theatre in the New Millennium (review)
  7. A Tokyo Romance: A Memoir by Ian Buruma (review)
  8. The Orphan of Zhao and Other Yuan Plays: The Earliest Known Versions trans. by Stephen H. West and Wilt L. Idema (review)
  9. Staging British South Asian Culture: Bollywood and Bhangra in British Theatre by Jerri Daboo (review)
  10. World Dance Cultures: From Ritual to Spectacle by Patricia Leigh Beaman (review)
  11. The Oxford Handbook of Dance and Ethnicity ed. by Anthony Shay and Barbara Sellers-Young (review)
  12. Ola Bola the Musical dir. by Tiara Jacquelina (review)
  13. Masks and Costumes of Purulia Chhau
  14. Local Community Ritual Theatre in Guangxi, South China
  15. Trapping the Heron: The Curious Case of Sagi School Kyōgen
  16. Uncle Tom's Cabin in China: Ouyang Yuqian's Regret of a Black Slave and the Tactics of Impersonating Race, Gender, and Class
  17. Mystic Lear and Playful Hamlet: The Critical Cultural Dramaturgy in the Iranian Appropriations of Shakespearean Tragedies
  18. 2017 Black Tent Theatre Project in Gwanghwamun Square: Staging Tragic Memory and Building Solidarity through Public Theatre
  19. Theatre on the Move: Sakurai Daizou's Tent Theatre in East Asia
  20. Chinese Entertainment Industry, the Case of Folk Errenzhuan
  21. Desiring Spectacular Discipline: Aspiration, Fraternal Anxiety, and the Allure of Restraint in 's Dōjōji
  22. Rescuing Mulian's Mother in the Xi Era: Reviving Ritual Xiqu in Contemporary Fujian
  23. Ras and Affect in Ramlila (and the Radheshyam Ramayan)
  24. From the Editor
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