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  1. The Making of Christianity: Conflicts, Contacts and Constructions; Essays in Honour of Bengt Holmberg ed. by Magnus Zetterholm and Samuel Byrskog (review)
  2. Ancient Education and Early Christianity ed. by Matthew R. Hauge and Andrew Pitts (review)
  3. Texts and Artefacts: Selected Essays on Textual Criticism and Early Christian Manuscripts by Larry W. Hurtado (review)
  4. 1 Peter: Reading Against the Grain by Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza (review)
  5. Der erste Brief an die Korinther by Dieter Zeller (review)
  6. Paul as Pastor ed. by Brian S. Rosner, Andrew S. Malone and Trevor J. Burke (review)
  7. From Tomb to Text: The Body of Christ in the Book of John by Christina Petterson (review)
  8. The Quest for the Historical Jesus after the Demise of Authenticity: Toward a Critical Realist Philosophy of History in Jesus Studies by Jonathan Bernier (review)
  9. A Reply to Mikeal Parsons and Heather Gorman
  10. The Leprous Body as Ethical-Theological Strategy: John Chrysostom's Interpretation of the Cleansing of the Leper in Matthew 8:1–4
  11. The New Vulgate and the "Missing" Verses: Do All Changes Lead to Rome?
  12. Übergemeindliche Verbindungen im Urchristentum nach dem Philipperbrief
  13. Reading the Christ Hymn in Philippians in Light of Paul's Letter to the Romans
  14. An Existential-Psychological Reading of Romans 8:35–39 in the Context of Igbo Christianity
  15. Possible Motives of the Evangelists to Decide to Write: Exploring Intentional Uses of Writing in an Oral Society
  16. Communicating Biblical Text to Be Heard Well: Lessons from Orality and Performance Studies
  17. In Search of a Samaritan: The Risk-Taking Motif in Luke 10:30–35 as a Paradigm for African Socio-Economic Development
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