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  1. A Charlie Brown Religion: Exploring the Life and Spiritual Work of Charles M. Schulz by Stephen Lind (review)
  2. Comedy Begins with Our Simplest Gestures: Levinas, Ethics, and Humor ed. by Brian Bergen-Aurand (review)
  3. Sweet and Lowdown: Woody Allen's Cinema of Regret by Lloyd Michaels (review)
  4. She Could Be Chaplin! The Comedic Brilliance of Alice Howell by Anthony Slide (review)
  5. Slow Ball Cartoonist: The Extraordinary Life of Indiana Native and Pulitzer Prize Winner John T. McCutcheon of the "Chicago Tribune." by Tony Garel-Frantzen (review)
  6. The Tar Baby: A Global History by Bryan Wagner (review)
  7. Nothing On a Stage Is Permanent: The Harry Langdon Scrapbook by Harry Langdon, Jr., and: Harry Langdon: King of Silent Comedy ed. by Gabriella Oldham and Mabel Langdon (review)
  8. Standing Up, Speaking Out: Stand-up Comedy and the Rhetoric of Social Change ed. by Matthew R. Meier and Casey R. Schmitt (review)
  9. No Laughing Matter: Visual Humor in Ideas of Race, Nationality, and Ethnicity ed. by Angela Rosenthal, David Bindman, and Adrian W. B. Randolph (review)
  10. Rhetoric, Humor, and the Public Sphere: From Socrates to Stephen Colbert by Elizabeth Benacka (review)
  11. A Philosophy of Comedy on Stage and Screen: You Have to Be There by Shaun May (review)
  12. Lalo Alcaraz: Political Cartooning in the Latino Community by Héctor D. Fernández L'Hoeste (review)
  13. Lacan, Psychoanalysis, and Comedy ed. by Patricia Gherovici and Manya Steinkoler (review)
  14. Four of the Three Musketeers: The Marx Brothers on Stage by Robert S. Bader (review)
  15. The Year's Work in American Humor Studies, 2016
  16. Comic Outbreaks and Scholastic Discontents
  17. The Pernicious Use of "Humorist" to Describe Mark Twain (and Other Comic Writers)
  18. Is Satire Compatible with Free Speech?
  19. Mark Twain's "Assault of Laughter" and the Limits of Political Humor
  20. "Scribbling to excite the laughter of God's creatures": Some Thoughts on "Mere" Humor, Entertainment, and Pleasure
  21. When the Candle Goes Out: The Complexity of Simple Jokes and the Limits of Satire
  22. WTF Is Laughter to Mark Twain?
  23. Comic Assaults and Somersaults: An Introduction
  24. Announcing "On Second Thought": A New Feature
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