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  1. Our Fires Still Burn: The Native American Experience dir. by Audrey Geyer (review)
  2. Deadwood, HBO (review)
  3. Jon K. Lauck and the Revival of Midwestern History
  4. The Political Culture of Wisconsin and Iowa
  5. Chicago and the Riddle of Race
  6. From the Inside Out, and the Outside In: Perspectives on 4-H, Sex, and Coming of Age in Rural America
  7. Race, Place, and Belonging in the Midwest
  8. Young Eliot: From St. Louis to The Waste Land by Robert Crawford (review)
  9. Henry Ford’s Plan for the American Suburb: Dearborn and Detroit by Heather B. Barrow (review)
  10. North Shore: A Natural History of Minnesota’s Superior Coast by Chel Anderson, Adelheid Fischer (review)
  11. Shaping the North Star State: A History of Minnesota’s Boundaries by William E. Lass (review)
  12. Barnstorming the Prairies: How Aerial Vision Shaped the Midwest by Jason Weems (review)
  13. Deep Map Country: Literary Cartography of the Great Plains by Susan Naramore Maher (review)
  14. The Farmer’s Game: Baseball in Rural America by David Vaught (review)
  15. Here: Women Writing on Michigan’s Upper Peninsula ed. by Ronald Riekki (review)
  16. The Glass City: Toledo and the Industry that Built It by Barbara L. Floyd (review)
  17. Fostering on the Farm: Child Placement in the Rural Midwest by Megan Birk (review)
  18. Every River on Earth: Writing from Appalachian Ohio ed. by Neil Carpathios (review)
  19. Midwest Maize: How Corn Shaped the US Heartland by Cynthia Clampitt (review)
  20. Alexander’s Bridge by Willa Cather (review)
  21. Sensing Chicago: Noisemakers, Strikebreakers, and Muckrakers by Adam Mack (review)
  22. Portage: A Family, A Canoe, and the Search for the Good Life by Sue Leaf (review)
  23. Transcendental Meditation in America: How a New Age Movement Remade a Small Town in Iowa by Joseph Weber (review)
  24. Beyond Pontiac’s Shadow: Michilimackinac and the Anglo-Indian War of 1763 by Keith R. Widder (review)
  25. A Just Cause: The Impeachment and Removal of Governor Rod Blagojevich by Bernard H. Sieracki (review)
  26. Unreasonable Men: Theodore Roosevelt and the Republican Rebels Who Created Progressive Politics by Michael Wolraich (review)
  27. Pitching to the Pennant: The 1954 Cleveland Indians ed. by Joseph Wancho (review)
  28. Russell Kirk: American Conservative by Bradley J. Birzer (review)
  29. Fractured Land, the Price of Inheriting Oil by Lisa Westberg Peters, and: Natives of a Dry Place: Stories of Dakota Before the Oil Boom by Richard Edwards (review)
  30. John Bartlow Martin: A Voice for the Underdog by Ray E. Boomhower (review)
  31. The French and Indian War and the Conquest of New France by William R. Nester (review)
  32. The Working Man’s Reward: Chicago’s Early Suburbs and the Roots of American Sprawl by Elaine Lewinnek (review)
  33. Redskins: Insult and Brand by C. Richard King (review)
  34. Slavery’s Borderland: Freedom and Bondage along the Ohio River by Matthew Salafia (review)
  35. The Mayans Among Us: Migrant Women and Meatpacking on the Great Plains by Ann L. Sittig, Martha Florinda Gonzales (review)
  36. St. Louis Rising: The French Regime of Louis St. Ange De Bellerive by Carl J. Ekberg, Sharon K. Person (review)
  37. Old Islam in Detroit: Rediscovering the Muslim American Past by Sally Howell (review)
  38. Becoming Beautiful: Ballroom Dance in the American Heartland by Joanna Bosse (review)
  39. “The Recline of Midwestern Civilization”: Midwestern Cultural Identity and Punk Rock in the 1980s
  40. Woman Suffrage is a Midwestern Story: Gender, Region, and Nativism, 1880–1920
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