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  1. An Introduction to Arab Poetics by Adonis (review)
  2. Introduction: Cross-Cultural Reading
  3. The Specter of Races: Latin American Anthropology and Literature between the Wars by Anke Birkenmaier (review)
  4. Worlds of Hungarian Writing: National Literature as Intercultural Exchange ed. by András Kiséry, Zsolt T. Komaromy, and Zsuzsanna Vara (review)
  5. Between History and Personal Narrative: East European Women's Stories of Migration in the New Millennium—Contributions to Transnational Feminism, vol. 4 ed. by Maria-Sabina Draga Alexandru, Mădălina Nicolaescu, and Helen Smith (review)
  6. Imagining the Postcolonial: Discipline, Poetics, Practice in Latin American and Francophone Discourse by Jaime Hanneken (review)
  7. Confluence Narratives: Ethnicity, History, and Nation-Making in the Americas by Antonio Luciano de Andrade Tosta (review)
  8. Dead Theory: Derrida, Death, and the Afterlife of Theory ed. by Jeffrey R. Di Leo (review)
  9. Comparative Encounters between Artaud, Michaux and the Zhuangzi: Rationality, Cosmology and Ethics by Xiaofan Amy Li (review)
  10. Deaths in Venice. The Cases of Gustav von Aschenbach by Philip Kitcher (review)
  11. The Mirage of America in Contemporary Italian Literature and Film by Barbara Alfano (review)
  12. (Re)thinking the (Post)Nation(al), Europe, and (Trans)culture/ality
  13. Interdisciplinary Study on Cross-Cultural Poetry Reading
  14. Cross-Cultural Reader Response to Original and Translated Poetry: An Empirical Study in Four Languages
  15. The Influence of Reader's Stereotypes on the Assessment of Fictional Characters
  16. Different Conceptual Blending with Different Cultural Frames: Goldblatt's (Mis–)Construal of Mo Yan's Metaphor in Big Breasts and Wide Hips
  17. Translationscapes: On the Legibility of Transnational Ideologies in World Literary Systems
  18. Canons as Reservoirs: The Ottoman Ocean in Ziya Pasha's Harabat and Reframing the History of Comparative Literature
  19. Talking Animals and Politics of World Literature
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