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  1. Editors' Introduction
  2. Response to John D'Arcy May's Review of Facing Up to Real Doctrinal Difference: How Some Thought-Motifs from Derrida Can Nourish the Catholic-Buddhist Encounter by Robert Magliola (review)
  3. Jesus and Buddha: Friends in Conversation by Paul Knitter and Roger Haight (review)
  4. Evangelical Zen: A Christian's Spiritual Travels with a Buddhist Friend by Paul Louis Metzger, with Kyogen Carlson (review)
  5. What's Wrong with Mindfulness (and What Isn't): Zen Perspectives ed. by Robert Meikyo Rosenbaum and Barry Magid (review)
  6. In Search of the Christian Buddha: How an Asian Sage Became a Medieval Saint by Donald S. Lopez Jr. and Peggy McCracken (review)
  7. Comparative Theology and the Problem of Religious Rivalry by Hugh Nicholson, and: The Spirit of Contradiction in Christianity and Buddhism by Hugh Nicholson (review)
  8. Japan Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies: Report on the 2016 Annual Meeting
  9. Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies Frederick J. Streng Award 2016
  10. The Annual Meeting of the Society for Buddhist-Christian Studies
  11. Abandon All Hope of Fruition: Critical Notes on Engaged Buddhism
  12. From Strong Black Woman to Remarkably Relationally Resilient Woman: Black Christian Women and Black Buddhist Lesbians in Dialogue
  13. Seno'o Girō's Buddhist Socialism, Antiwar Movement, and Dialogue with Social Christianity in 1930s–1940s Japan
  14. Reading Chan Encounter Dialogue during the Song Dynasty: The Record of Linji, the Lotus Sutra, and the Sinification of Buddhism
  15. Quan Am and Mary: Vietnamese Religious, Cultural, and Spiritual Phenomena
  16. The Paradoxical Place of the Self: Augustine and Zhi Yi on the Question of the Self and World Experience and the Revelatory Power of Self-Inspection
  17. A Trinitarian Response to Buddhist Antitheistic Arguments
  18. The Limitation of Language and an Ambiguous Way of Knowing: A Comparative Theological Study of Cyril of Alexandria and Nāgārjuna
  19. Buddhist and Ignatian Spiritualities: Reports on a Trial Run of an Interfaith Retreat based on Ignatius and the Buddha in Conversation: A Resource for a Religiously Plural Dialog Juxtaposing the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius and Buddhist Wisdom
  20. Thomas Merton's Unfinished Journey in Dialogue with Buddhism
  21. Ambivalence in Shangri-La: Merton's Orientalism and Dialogue
  22. "We Drank Many Gin and Tonics": Desire and Enchantment in Merton's Buddhist Pilgrimage
  23. Merton and the Axes of Dialogue
  24. Thomas Merton's Deep Christian Learning across Religious Borders
  25. Response to "What Is Wrong with Us? What Is Wrong with the World?"
  26. Flawed Subjectivities: Cyril of Alexandria and Mahāyāna Buddhism on Individual Volition, Sin, and Karma
  27. What Is Wrong with Us?: What Is Wrong with the World? A Buddhist Perspective
  28. What Is Wrong with Us?
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