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  1. Books Received
  2. Schopenhauer’s Compass: An Introduction to Schopenhauer’s Philosophy and Its Origins by Urs App (review)
  3. The Philosophical Challenge from China ed. by Brian Bruya (review)
  4. The Philosophy of Living by François Jullien, and: This Strange Idea of the Beautiful by François Jullien (review)
  5. Philosophy East/West: Exploring Intersections between Educational and Contemplative Practices ed. by Oren Ergas and Sharon Todd (review)
  6. One Child: Do We Have a Right to Have More? by Sarah Conly (review)
  7. Al-Ghazālī’s Moderation in Belief: al-Iqtiṣād fī al-i‘tiqād tran. by Aladdin M. Yaqub
  8. Philosophy: The Next Step
  9. A Reply to Professor El Amine
  10. Ethics and Politics in Classical Confucian Thought: A Response to David Elstein
  11. Classical Confucian Political Thought: A New Interpretation, by Loubna El Amine (review)
  12. John Dewey and East-West Philosophy
  13. Relational Self in Classical Confucianism: Lessons from Confucius’ Analects
  14. Polyvalent Philosophy and Soteriology in Early Buddhism
  15. Structural Relations and Analogies in Classical Chinese Logic
  16. One and the Possibility of Many in Greek and Indian Philosophy: Plotinus and Rāmānuja
  17. Philosophizing and Power: East–West Encounter in the Formation of Modern East Asian Buddhist Philosophy
  18. Hundun’s Mistake: Satire and Sanity in the Zhuangzi
  19. A Taxonomy of Views about Time in Buddhist and Western Philosophy
  20. The Dao that Cannot Be Named
  21. Merleau-Ponty and Nishida: “Interexpression” As Motor-Perceptual Faith
  22. Acting-Intuition and the Achievement of Perception: Merleau-Ponty with Nishida
  23. Sūkṣma and the Clear and Distinct Light: The Path to Epistemic Enhancement in Yogic and Cartesian Meditation
  24. The Prescriptive Dialectics of Li 禮 and Yi 義 in the Lienü zhuan 列女傳
  25. Heidegger and Mullā Ṣadrā on the Meaning of Metaphysics
  26. The Strong Case for Vegetarianism in Pātañjala Yoga
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