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  1. Books Received
  2. Science and Technology in World History: An Introduction by James E. McClellan, Harold Dorn, and: Silk and Tea in the North: Scandinavian Trade and the Market for Asian Goods in Eighteenth-Century Europe by Hanna Hodacs, and: The Great Knowledge Transcendence: The Rise of Western Science and Technology Reframed by Dengjian Jin, and: The Global Lives of Things: The Material Culture of Connections in the Early Modern World ed. by Anne Gerritsen, Giorgio Riello (review)
  3. Editor's Introduction
  4. The City: A World History by Andrew Lees (review)
  5. Circulations in the Global History of Art ed. by Thomas Dacosta Kaufmann, Catherine Dossin, Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel (review)
  6. Exile in Colonial Asia: Kings, Convicts, Commemoration ed. by Ronit Ricci (review)
  7. Rivalry for Trade in Tea and Textiles: The English and Dutch East India Companies (1700–1800) by Chris Nierstrasz, and: Trade and Empire in Early Nineteenth-Century Southeast Asia: Gillian Maclaine and His Business Network by G. Roger Knight, and: Money in Asia (1200–1900): Small Currencies in Social and Political Contexts ed. by Jane Kate Leonard, Ulrich Theobald (review)
  8. Protest, Defiance and Resistance in the Channel Islands: German Occupation, 1940–45 by Gilly Carr, Paul Sanders, Louise Willmot, and: Elusive Alliance: The German Occupation of Poland in World War I by Jesse Kauffman, and: German Colonialism in a Global Age ed. by Bradley Naranch and Geoff Eley, and: The German War: A Nation Under Arms, 1939–1945: Citizens and Soldiers by Nicholas Stargardt (review)
  9. Patriarchal Moments: Reading Patriarchal Texts ed. by Cesare Cuttica, Gaby Mahlberg, and: Feminist Moments: Reading Feminist Texts ed. by Susan Bruce, Katherine Smits (review)
  10. Hitler at Home by Despina Stratigakos, and: Stormtrooper Families: Homosexuality and Community in the Early Nazi Movement by Andrew Wackerfuss (review)
  11. Europe after Empire: Decolonization, Society, and Culture by Elizabeth Buettner (review)
  12. Historians Debate the Rise of the West by Jonathan Daly (review)
  13. Cotton, Capitalism, and Coercion: Some Comments on Sven Beckert’s Empire of Cotton
  14. Empire of Cotton and the Global Countryside
  15. Cotton and the Global Origins of Capitalism
  16. Japanese Colonialism in Comparative Perspective
  17. The Jesuit Heresiological Discourse as an Enlightenment Project in Early Modern China
  18. The Global Renaissance
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