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  1. Meetings 2017
  2. Recently Received Titles
  3. The Natural Heritage of Illinois: Essays on Its Lands, Waters, Flora, and Fauna by John E. Schwegman (review)
  4. The Embattled Wilderness: The Natural and Human History of Robinson Forest and the Fight for Its Future by James Krupa and Erik Reece (review)
  5. Abstracts
  6. The Management of Typha domingensis (Typhaceae) affects Macroinvertebrate Assemblages in the Palo Verde Wetland, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  7. Converting Lawn to Restored Forest on a Midwest College Campus: A Seven Year Assessment of Herbaceous Plant Establishment
  8. Can the Persistent Seed Bank Contribute to the Passive Restoration of Urban Forest Fragments After Invasive Species Removal?
  9. Trait Complementarity Enhances Native Plant Restoration in an Invaded Urban Landscape
  10. Seed Dormancy Break and Germination for Restoration of Three Globally Important Wetland Bulrushes
  11. Can Sainfoin Improve Conditions for Establishment of Native Forbs in Crested Wheatgrass Stands?
  12. Evaluation of Locally-Adapted Native Seed Sources and Impacts of Livestock Grazing for Restoration of Historic Oil Pad Sites in South Texas
  13. The Effect of Floristic Composition on Bird Communities in a Set of Four Grassland Reconstruction Types
  14. Bird Diversity in Actively and Naturally Restored Tropical Forests in an Urban-Agricultural Landscape
  15. Large-scale Dam Removals and Nearshore Ecological Restoration: Lessons Learned from the Elwha Dam Removals
  16. Foliar Spraying with Glyphosate Kills Invasive Five-leaf Aralia in a Wooded Natural Area (Ohio)
  17. "What is a Goldenrod?" She Asked
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