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  1. Contributors
  2. Books Received
  3. Introduction: The Future of Reconstruction Studies
  4. Veterans North and South: The Transition from Soldier to Civilian after the American Civil War by Paul A. Cimbala (review)
  5. Gold and Freedom: The Political Economy of Reconstruction by Nicolas Barreyre (review)
  6. Racial Reconstruction: Black Inclusion, Chinese Exclusion, and the Fictions of Citizenship by Edlie L. Wong (review)
  7. Ku-Klux: The Birth of the Klan during Reconstruction by Elaine Frantz Parsons (review)
  8. Writing Reconstruction: Race, Gender, and Citizenship in the Postwar South by Sharon D. Kennedy-Nolle (review)
  9. Rethinking American Emancipation: Legacies of Slavery and the Quest for Black Freedom ed. by William A. Link and James J. Broomall (review)
  10. A History of American Civil War Literature ed. by Coleman Hutchison (review)
  11. The Civil War Guerrilla: Unfolding the Black Flag in History Memory, and Myth ed. by Joseph M. Beilein Jr. and Matthew C. Hulbert (review)
  12. So Conceived and So Dedicated: Intellectual Life in the Civil War–Era North ed. by Lorien Foote and Kanisorn Wongsrichanalai (review)
  13. The Rivers Ran Backward: The Civil War and the Remaking of the American Middle Border by Christopher Phillips (review)
  14. The Virgin Vote: How Young Americans Made Democracy Social, Politics Personal, and Voting Popular in the Nineteenth Century by Jon Grinspan (review)
  15. The Slave’s Cause: A History of Abolition by Manisha Sinha (review)
  16. Slave against Slave: Plantation Violence in the Old South by Jeff Forret (review)
  17. The Land Shall Be Deluged in Blood: A New History of the Nat Turner Revolt by Patrick H. Breen (review)
  18. Invisible Sovereign: Imagining Public Opinion from the Revolution to Reconstruction by Mark G. Schmeller (review)
  19. Reconstruction in Public History and Memory Sesquicentennial
  20. Teaching Race and Reconstruction
  21. Reconstructing Memory: The Attempt to Designate Beaufort, South Carolina, the National Park Service’s First Reconstruction Unit
  22. The Unfinished Task of Grounding Reconstruction’s Promise
  23. The Future of Reconstruction Studies
  24. The Future of Reconstruction Studies
  25. The Future of Reconstruction Studies
  26. The Future of Reconstruction Studies
  27. The Future of Reconstruction Studies
  28. The Future of Reconstruction Studies
  29. The Future of Reconstruction Studies
  30. The Future of Reconstruction Studies
  31. The Future of Reconstruction Studies
  32. Editor’s Note
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