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  1. Color Insert
  2. From The Editor
  3. DMZ Crossing: Performing Emotional Citizenship Along the Korean Border by Suk-Young Kim (review)
  4. L’Eblouissement D’Un Regard: DéCouverte et Réception Occidentales du Théâtre Japonais de la Fin du Moyen ¢ge À la Seconde Guerre Mondiale by Jean-Jacques Tschudin (review)
  5. America’s Japan and Japan’s Performing Arts: Cultural Mobility and Exchange in New York, 1952–2011 by Barbara E. Thornbury (review)
  6. Creating Kabuki Plays: Context of Kezairoku, “Valuable Notes on Playwriting.” by Katherine Saltzman-Li (review)
  7. Kabuki at the Crossroads: Years of Crisis, 1952–1965 by Samuel L. Leiter (review)
  8. Islands of Imagination: Volume One: Modern Indonesian Plays ed. by Frank Stewart (review)
  9. Embodied Lives: Reflections On the Influence of Suprapto Suryodarmo and Amerta Movement ed. by Katya Bloom, Margit Galanter, and Sandra Reeve (review)
  10. Banâras Revisited: Scholarly Pilgrimages to the City of Light ed. by István Keul (review)
  11. Tansuo Mingdai Nanxi Sida Shengqiang Zhi Jincun ed. by Heidi Yeung Kwai (review)
  12. Chinese Opera: The Actor’s Craft by Wang-Ngai Siu with Peter Lovrick (review)
  13. City of the Dead and Song of the Night by Gao Xingjian (review)
  14. The Columbia Anthology of Modern Chinese Drama (Abridged Edition) ed. by Xiaomei Chen (review)
  15. Modern Asian Theatre and Performance 1900–2000 by Kevin J. Wetmore Jr., Siyuan Liu, and Erin B. Mee, and: The Methuen Drama Anthology of Modern Asian Plays ed. by Siyuan Liu and Kevin J. Wetmore Jr. (review)
  16. The Routledge Companion to Puppetry and Material Performance ed. by Dassia N. Posner, Claudia Orenstein, and John Bell (review)
  17. Makutharama: Rama’s Crown and the Grand Offering of the Kings: Sesaji Raja Suya (Wayang Educational Package) by Purbo Asmoro and Kathryn Emerson (review)
  18. Manshin: Ten Thousand Spirits dir. by Park Chan-kyong (review)
  19. The Sixth International Theatre Olympics in Beijing
  20. A Preliminary Overview of Dutch East Indies and Indonesian Xiqu History and Present Practice
  21. Grup Gedebong Goyang: Female, Funny, and Foreign
  22. Dramatizing 1Malaysia in Contemporary Chinese Lion Dance
  23. The Lure of Sadness: The Fever of Yueju and The Butterfly Lovers in the Early PRC
  24. A Culture Hero: Xiangsheng (Crosstalk) Performer Guo Degang
  25. Performing Bidesiyā in Bihar: Strategy for Survival, Strategies for Performance
  26. The Eternal Thread: Gunsam Lee’s First Play in English
  27. The Cross Currents of Modern Theatre and China’s National Theatre Movement of 1925–1926
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