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  1. On the Contributors
  2. Art in Focus
  3. From Art and Identity: For Whom, For What? The “Present” Upon the “Contemporary”
  4. Deactivating the Future: Sawaragi Noi’s Polemical Recoil from Contemporary Art
  5. A Place to Bury Names, or Resurrection (Circulation and Continuity of Energy) as a Dissolution of Identity: Isamu Noguchi’s Memorial to the Dead of Hiroshima and Shirai Sei’ichi’s Temple Atomic Catastrophes
  6. The Imagined Map of the Nation: Postwar Japan from 1945 to 1970
  7. Minor Transnational Inter-Subjectivity in the People’s Art of Kitagawa Tamiji
  8. From Van Gogh as Intellectual History: The Reception of Reproductions and Imagination
  9. From Temple of the Eye – Notes on the Reception of “Fine Art”
  10. Fukuhara Shinzō and the “Japanese” Pictorial Aesthetic
  11. Reality Within and Without: Surrealism in Japan and China in the Early 1930s
  12. From The Sideshow Called Fine Art
  13. Four Projects
  14. Resources, Scale, and Recognition in Japanese Contemporary Art: “Tokyo Pop” and the Struggle for a Page in Art History
  15. From The Representation of “Japan” in Wartime World’s Fairs Modernists and “Japaneseness”
  16. From The Sea Beyond: Hōsui, Seiki, Tenshin, and the West Sea of Hybridization: In Dispute over Urashima
  17. A “Pirates’ View” of Art History
  18. Pictures of Beautiful Women: A Modern Japanese Genre and Its Counterparts in Europe, China, Korea, and Vietnam
  19. Picasso as Other—Koyama Fujio and the Polemics of Postwar Japanese Ceramics
  20. Six Episodes of Convergence Between Indian, Japanese, and Mexican Art from the Late Nineteenth Century to the Present
  21. Commensurable Distinctions: Intercultural Negotiations of Modern and Contemporary Japanese Visual Culture
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