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  1. Books Received
  2. Introduction: On Playing Roles and Acting Exemplary
  3. The Forerunner of All Things: Buddhaghosa on Mind, Intention, and Agency by Maria Heim (review)
  4. Disagreement by Bryan Frances (review)
  5. The Bhagavad Gita: A Biography by Richard H. Davis (review)
  6. Yinyang: The Way of Heaven and Earth in Chinese Thought and Culture by Robin R. Wang (review)
  7. Dōgen: Textual and Historical Studies ed. by Steven Heine (review)
  8. Embodied Moral Psychology and Confucian Philosophy by Bongrae Seok (review)
  9. Philosophy as Saṃvāda and Svarāj: Dialogical Meditations on Daya Krishna and Ramchandra Gandhi ed. by Shail Mayaram (review)
  10. A Confucian Virtue Theory of Supererogation
  11. Parmenides’ and Śaṅkara’s Nondual Being without Not-being
  12. Fixing the White Horse Discourse: Zhuangzi’s Proof of “A White Horse Is not a Horse”
  13. How Did Zhong Ziqi Understand Bo Ya’s Heart-Mind?: Hetero-referential Aspects of Early Chinese Music Theory
  14. Paradoxes and Possibilities of “Confucian Freedom”: From Yan Fu (1853–1921) to Mou Zongsan (1909–1995)
  15. Sufism in Western Historiography: A Brief Overview
  16. Erasing Tracks: Longchenpa and Bataille on Praxis—Its Negation and Liberation
  17. Achieving the Way: Confucian Virtue Politics and the Problem of Dirty Hands
  18. Sharing Emotions Through Theater: The Greek Way
  19. Brecht’s Materialist Ethics between Confucianism and Mohism
  20. Theatrics of Emotion: Self-deception and Self-cultivation in Abhinavagupta’s Aesthetics
  21. Money, Morality, and Masculinity: Staging the Politics of Poverty in Sanskrit Theater
  22. Li Yu’s Theory of Drama: A Moderate Moralism
  23. The Theater and Classical India: Some Availability Issues
  24. Being Staged: Unconcealment through Reading and Performance in Marlowe’s Doctor Faustus and Bharata’s Nātyaśāstra
  25. From Puzzling Pleasures to Moral Practices: Aristotle and Abhinavagupta on the Aesthetics and Ethics of Tragedy
  26. Play, Theater, and Nondualism: A Philosophical Meditation
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