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  1. Correction
  2. On the Cover
  3. Hawaiiana in 2014: A Bibliography of Titles of Historical Interest
  4. Kua‘āina Kahiko: Life and Land in Ancient Kahikinui, Maui by Patrick Vinton Kirch (review)
  5. Sovereign Sugar: Industry and Environment in Hawai‘i by Carol MacLennan (review)
  6. Voices from the Canefields: Folksongs from Japanese Immigrant Workers in Hawai‘i by Franklin Odo (review)
  7. Ma‘i Lepera: Disease and Displacement in Nineteenth-Century Hawai‘i by Kerri A. Inglis (review)
  8. Securing Paradise: Tourism and Militarism in Hawai‘i and the Philippines by Vernadette Vicuña Gonzalez (review)
  9. The Heathen School: A Story of Hope and Betrayal in the Age of the Early Republic by John Demos (review)
  10. From Race to Ethnicity: Interpreting Japanese American Experiences in Hawai‘i by Jonathan Y. Okamura (review)
  11. Kalaupapa: A Collective Memory by Anwei Skinsnes Law (review)
  12. Island Queens and Mission Wives: How Gender and Empire Remade Hawai‘i’s Pacific World by Jennifer Thigpen (review)
  13. Islanders in the Empire: Filipino and Puerto Rican Laborers in Hawai‘i by JoAnna Poblete (review)
  14. Islands of Empire: Pop Culture and U.S. Power by Camilla Fojas (review)
  15. Hawaiian Outrigger Canoes of the Bonin Archipelago
  16. Genevieve Taggard: The Hawaiian Background to a Radical Poet
  17. Issei Women and Work: Washerwomen, Prostitutes, Midwives, and Barbers
  18. Remembering Lili‘uokalani: Coverage of the Death of the Last Queen of Hawai‘i by Hawai‘i’s English-Language Establishment Press and American Newspapers
  19. Buffalo Soldiers at Kīlauea, 1915–1917
  20. The Last Illness and Death of Hawai‘i’s King Kalākaua: A New Historical/Clinical Perspective
  21. The Copied Hymns of John Young
  22. Race, Power, and the Dilemma of Democracy: Hawai‘i’s First Territorial Legislature, 1901
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