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  1. Books Received
  2. Indian Buddhist Philosophy by Amber D. Carpenter (review)
  3. Sinologism: An Alternative to Orientalism and Postcolonialism by Ming Dong Gu (review)
  4. Kniha Laozi: Překlad s filologickým komentářem (The book Laozi: A translation with philological commentary) by David Sehnal (review)
  5. East And West: Allama Jafari on Bertrand Russell by Seyed Javad Miri (review)
  6. Landscape and Travelling East and West: A Philosophical Journey ed. by Hans-Georg Moeller, Andrew K. Whitehead (review)
  7. Gandhi’s Ascetic Activism: Renunciation and Social Action by Veena R. Howard (review)
  8. Critical Buddhism: Engaging with Modern Japanese Buddhist Thought by James Mark Shields (review)
  9. The Discipline of Philosophy and the Invention of Modern Jewish Thought by Willi Goetschel (review)
  10. The East Asian Challenges for Democracy: Political Meritocracy in Comparative Perspective ed. by Daniel A. Bell, Chenyang Li (review)
  11. An Eleventh-Century Egyptian Guide to the Universe: The Book of Curiosities ed. by Yossef Rapoport and Emilie Savage-Smith (review)
  12. The Ethics of Śaṅkara and Śāntideva: A Selfless Response to an Illusory World by Warren Lee Todd (review)
  13. Coming to Mind: The Soul and Its Body by Lenn E. Goodman, D. Gregory Caramenico (review)
  14. Seeing Gandhi Whole
  15. Ambiguity, Wholeness, and Irony: A New Interpretation of Chinese Metaphysics
  16. Leibniz, China, and the Problem of Pagan Wisdom
  17. What Did Śaṅkara Have Against Arjuna?
  18. Zhuangzi, Perspectives, and Greater Knowledge
  19. No Self?: Some Reflections on Buddhist Theories of Personal Identity
  20. Malebranche’s Influence on Leibniz’s Writings on China
  21. Thinking with Zhuangzi and Su Shi against Heidegger on Artwork
  22. Embodied Implacement in Kūkai and Nishida
  23. Madhyamaka Buddhist Meta-ethics: The Justificatory Grounds of Moral Judgments
  24. The Problem of the Unity of Consciousness: A Buddhist Solution
  25. Can Cosmological Models Explain and Forecast the Public Health and Patterns of Somatic Alignments?
  26. Patañjali’s Yoga Sūtras and the Alchemical Process of Individuation
  27. The Function of Saññā in the Perceptual Process according to the Suttapiṭaka: An Appraisal
  28. The Generosity of the Good
  29. Joseph Grange as Teacher
  30. The Cosmology of Joseph Grange: Nature, The City, Soul
  31. Joseph Grange (February 7, 1940–July 20, 2014)
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